The Mojave Road, East

My one-man journey across the Mojave Road continues shortly after the sun rises. The night was cold and camping in a two-man tent didn’t feel great but at least the sunrise was beautiful. My day started at the Penny Tree as I ventured through the last forty miles of the trail to Needles Highway. I really wish that I had taken more time on this trail to hike around the various features.

As in the previous portion of the road, I went from west to east so all of the cairns (piles of stone) are on the left side. The temperature throughout the night into the early morning was about 0 °C but quickly warmed up as I went a few thousand feet down the ridge. As you head down Lanfair Ridge there’s a spot on the road that is badly eroded which probably explains why there is a “ROAD CLOSED” sign on the eastern side. Any 2WD truck should be able to make it through this portion of the road unless it is extremely muddy.

My starting location for the day:


dscf8901    dscf8903

dscf8904    dscf8905

dscf8906    dscf8908

dscf8909    dscf8911

dscf8912    dscf8913

dscf8914    dscf8915

dscf8916    dscf8917

dscf8918    dscf8919

dscf8920    dscf8921

dscf8922    dscf8923

dscf8924    dscf8925

Be careful here, it gets narrow!

dscf8928   dscf8926

dscf8927   dscf8929

dscf8931     dscf8933

dscf8934     dscf8935

dscf8936    dscf8937

dscf8938    dscf8939

dscf8940    dscf8941

dscf8942    dscf8943

dscf8944    dscf8945

dscf8946    dscf8947

dscf8948    dscf8949

dscf8951    dscf8952

dscf8953    dscf8954

dscf8955    dscf8956

dscf8957    dscf8958

dscf8959    dscf8960

dscf8961    dscf8962

dscf8963    dscf8964

dscf8965    dscf8966

dscf8967    dscf8968

dscf8969    dscf8970

dscf8971    dscf8972

dscf8973    dscf8974

dscf8975    dscf8976

dscf8977    dscf8978

dscf8979    dscf8980

dscf8981    dscf8982

You only see the “ROAD CLOSED” sign on the eastern side of the ridge.

dscf8984    dscf8985

dscf8986    dscf8987

dscf8988    dscf8990

dscf8991    dscf8992

dscf8993    dscf8994

dscf8995    dscf8996

dscf8997    dscf8998

dscf8999    dscf9001

dscf9002    dscf9003

dscf9004    dscf9005

dscf9006    dscf9007

dscf9008    dscf9009

dscf9010    dscf9011

dscf9013    dscf9014

dscf9015    dscf9016

dscf9017    dscf9018


There’s an OHV area on the eastern end of the trail, so watch out for dirt bikes and ATVs.

It’s almost over!

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