The Mojave Road, West

The Mojave Road is an easy trail, with the exception of Soda Dry Lake when wet. A 2WD truck with some ground clearance and decent tires should be able to make it through this trail. You could do the entire trail in a day if you wanted to, but then you would miss much of what is offered out here. How else could you walk around the ruins of Fort Piute? How would you drag a stolen Dodge Challenger out of the Mojave River Wash if you didn’t stop to take in the sights in for a minute?

I drove the Mojave Road, starting at Afton Canyon from west to east. Most people seem to do this road east to west. There is a section of the Mojave Road that continues west of Afton Canyon, but I opted not to do so. This page covers the road going from Afton Canyon to Kelbaker Road. With the direction of travel I took, cairns (piles of rock along the trail) are always on the left.

The Mojave Road, Central



The full video playlist can be found here.

dscf8712    dscf8713

dscf8714    dscf8715

dscf8716    dscf8717 dscf8718    dscf8719

dscf8720    dscf8721


dscf8724    dscf8725

dscf8726    dscf8728

dscf8729    dscf8730

dscf8732    dscf8734

dscf8735    dscf8736

dscf8737    dscf8738

dscf8739    dscf8740

dscf8741    dscf8742

dscf8743    dscf8744


Free Dodge Challenger, slightly used and sitting in the Mojave River wash:

dscf8746    dscf8747

dscf8754    dscf8755

dscf8756    dscf8757

dscf8759    dscf8760

dscf8782    dscf8783

dscf8788    dscf8790

dscf8791    dscf8793 dscf8794   dscf8797dscf8798   dscf8800

dscf8801   dscf8802

dscf8803   dscf8804

dscf8805   dscf8807

dscf8808   dscf8809

dscf8810   dscf8811

dscf8812   dscf8813

dscf8815   dscf8816

dscf8817   dscf8819

It gets a little muddy and slick here…

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