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AP Immigration Sob Story of the Day: Palestinian Terrorist Edition

Look at what flag isn’t flying?

Yahoo! and the Associated Press keep putting out sob stories on illegal immigrants in vapid and lazy attempts to make criminals look like good people. In this story I’m supposed to feel sorry for a woman who is: “An activist known for helping Arab women in the Chicago area lost her U.S. citizenship Thursday and will be deported. In the next part of the sentence though, more comes out: “for failing to disclose convictions for bombings in Jerusalem decades ago.” I guess that I should just overlook that she blew some people up because she helps Arab women or something like that. Ms. Odeh apparently lied on immigration forms about her criminal activities to get in the country in 1994 and plead guilty.Here’s what Ms. Odeh’s attorney had to say about his client: “‘For 20 years, she lived here peacefully, honorably and gave more than many U.S. citizens,’ said defense attorney Michael Deutsch, who criticized prosecutors for filing charges.

Honorably I guess, except for how she got into the country to begin with. Perhaps she could go back to waging war against the infidel since that is what is important to her. But of course, some left wing social justice warriors protested her pending deportation: “One hundred supporters traveled from Chicago to attend the court hearing. More than 1,000 people attended an event last weekend to honor Odeh.

‘I will raise my voice to say this: We have the right to struggle for our country,’ she said of the Palestinian territories.

Struggle on for your country somewhere else lady.

Yahoo! News: Chicago activist loses US citizenship, will be deported

Peace loving “Palestinians”

More good tidings and cries of peace come from the moderate, secular Palestinians who live in the West Bank.Today’s video is of a Palestinian honor student (attempting to anyway) utilizing his child against the Israeli Army. Isn’t this man a wonderful father and valiant Soldier of Allah? We should all strive like this man to push the Jews back into the sea be fine members of society.

Don’t bother trying to find the video on YouTube anymore; it’s author has apparently taken it down. When I downloaded it from the page it had about 80,000 views. I suppose that when your media material doesn’t support your narrative the only thing to do is get rid of it. Remember folks, it’s Israel that’s the enemy of freedom and liberty here.





Have you heard of the Al-Aqsa Retirement Plan (AARP)?

Greetings everyone, I have some financial advice to share with you today. Are you near retirement? Are you having trouble paying bills? Do you also hate the kafirs and infidels occupying Palestine? Have you ever had suicidal thoughts? Then I’ve found the retirement program for you. The friendly folks of Hamas, the Al-Aqsa Brigades, and the Islamic State have banded together to form the Al-Aqsa Retirement Plan!

Not only will your family receive a $25,000 bonus upon signing, but you’ll also have 72 black-eyed ones and boy servants blessed with eternal youth. Doesn’t that sound much better than any sort of living stipend offered in Western countries? It’s certainly better than saving up your own cash for retirement. Why not sign up today?

The “Palestine” quiz, healthcare sales, and the mainstream media skin color system

I’m curious as to what a Hamas supporter would answer the quiz questions with.

Palestine  palestine-never-existed-stamped-on-flag CALC-McWgAAHtDZ.jpg:large

I know that this is nothing new, but how would you sell government-mandated healthcare?

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Considering that much of the media can’t stop bringing race into every single crime that they can, this feels pretty pertinent.


That’s all for now, I hope that you enjoyed the photos!

Dignity, Fifty Shades of Government, Good News, and 80%

Here are some more photos with which to re-educate yourself and prove to your selfish Losertarian and evil KKKonservative friends why they’re wrong and contributing to the evil Koch brothers’ conspiracy. As always, these pictures will be full of some awesome groupthink. Enjoy!

Surrender your dignity for the greater good comrade. The only thing that matters in life is free stuff.


Just sit there and take what’s coming your way…


How do you like your news?


Remember, if you can see the Hamas bumper sticker you’re about to enter the afterlife. Don’t forget to support the savage! They desire death as you desire life.

HamasBumperStickers--Hamas-Side-Story-PoliticalXray-03a-600x207 Bumper_Sticker_Hamas_Blow_Twitter Palestinian_Ads_Suicidals 2kad4e5133fc