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Pelosi on Obamacare’s failure

The Washington Free Beacon really does put out some amazing videos. While the video I have embedded in this post is a few years old now I just can’t but help to post up about it. Nancy Pelosi really is a vapid individual. I wonder if she governs the way she does out of ignorance or maliciousness? Mr. Gregory isn’t even being that hard on her; Pelosi just can’t admit to doing anything wrong. Pelosi’s sophistry knows no bounds…

The Kentucky ACA healthcare exchange bites the dust

Let’s have two minutes of hate for this thoughtcriminal!

Governor Matt Bevin (R) of Kentucky has recently announced that the Kentucky state health exchange is going to be shut down. Kentucky is one of only 14 states to run its own exchange and the first to cut its ties to the Affordable Care Act. From the Associated Press story:

Gov. Matt Bevin notified federal officials in a letter dated Dec. 30 that the state exchange will cease operations “as soon as is practicable.” That will be at least a year from now, according to federal law. It will not affect health plans sold for 2016.

Kentucky is one of 14 states that run their own state health insurance exchanges. More than 100,000 people have used Kentucky’s exchange, dubbed kynect, to purchase private health insurance plans with the help of a federal subsidy since it was implemented in 2013.

I wonder how many of that 100,000 had their old health plans cancelled?

But Bevin, just Kentucky’s second Republican governor in more than four decades, campaigned on eliminating kynect. The system is paid for with a 1 percent tax on all individual health plans sold in the state, both on and off the exchange. Right now, Bevin says about 85,000 people have purchased a private health insurance plan through kynect, or about 2 percent of the population.

Bevin spokeswoman Jessica Ditto said the fees from the sale of plans on kynect generate between $2.5 million and $4 million of the approximately $27 million it takes to operate the exchange each year.

Who would guess that a government program doesn’t have enough many? Didn’t see that one coming.

‘A majority of Kentuckians are paying a 1 percent assessment on their own premiums to support kynect operations which they do not use,’ Ditto said.

Once Kentucky moves to the federal exchange, that tax goes up to 3.5 percent. But the tax is only applied to plans sold on the exchange, Ditto said.

This line of reasoning to dump the state exchange sounds reasonable enough to me. But if you’re a progressive the solution is to redistribute even more money, not to cancel legislation or government programs.

Kynect was viewed as a national model for other states and was a success story for a Democratic administration plagued by technical problems with the federal system. Former Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear created it with the help of about $290 million in federal grants. He has estimated it will take at least nine months and cost $23 million to dismantle the system.

The Kentucky exchange is a national model for others to follow? What exactly did the $290 million do for the people of Kentucky? How much state government money was wasted? My cursory search on what the money actually did hasn’t revealed much, aside from giving money to “kynectors” who would assist customers of kynect.

Jason Bailey, executive director of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, called Bevin’s decision ‘a big step backward on access to health care in Kentucky.’ Susan Zepeda, president of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, said it “raises a lot of questions,” noting state officials had special programs targeting hard-to-reach groups, including veterans and rural residents.

What if the federal government got out of medicine? I wonder how much that would bring down costs? If you’re on the New York Times’ Editorial Board opposing the ACA is as bizarre as liberty is to a socialist.

Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky is dismantling the state’s highly successful exchange on which people buy private health insurance policies or enroll in Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. His shortsighted and pointless show of defiance against the Obama administration’s health care reforms could harm thousands of people in Kentucky, who may fall between the cracks as the state shifts their coverage from its own exchange, known as Kynect, to the federally run exchange at HealthCare.gov.

I guess that the Kentucky exchange was highly successful because it wasn’t totally broken? If giving the federal government more power is so good how could thousands fall through the cracks?

The comments on the Yahoo! News article are simply amazing. Obviously, if you don’t support unsustainable federally controlled healthcare you want people to die. You also think that a state governor controls municipal water supplies.

David mule

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Poster_Boot_Obamacare_Uninsured_160 Obamacare_Flag_Nazi_Logo_Troops


The “Palestine” quiz, healthcare sales, and the mainstream media skin color system

I’m curious as to what a Hamas supporter would answer the quiz questions with.

Palestine  palestine-never-existed-stamped-on-flag CALC-McWgAAHtDZ.jpg:large

I know that this is nothing new, but how would you sell government-mandated healthcare?

PajamaBoy_OFA_Rachel_Maddow 28103 28092 28088 2u5zyqe

Considering that much of the media can’t stop bringing race into every single crime that they can, this feels pretty pertinent.


That’s all for now, I hope that you enjoyed the photos!

Tax Evasion, Prog Fantasy, the Uninsured, and Al-Qaeda Sniper

Here’s more propaganda from the People’s Cube for all of you enjoy and reflect upon. Make sure that you share these photos with your friends, it’s definitely what they’re craving.

IRS_Weird_Tax_Trick IRS_Computer_Burning IRS_Coimputer_Pleads_Fifth

I’ve never really understood the leftist obsession for constantly ridiculing Sarah Palin. I’m not a big fan of hers but I thought that liberals were the ones pushing all of those anti-bullying campaigns. I guess that it’s OK if the individual in question doesn’t vote consistently left. Perhaps they also took that SNL skit where Tina Fey said she can see Russia from her home too seriously? But leftists are really supportive of Elizabeth Warren and her millions though, she says lots of populist things.

prog fantasy  Elizabeth Warren

Don’t forget to crush the uninsured comrade, fines for all who decline!


Michael Moore can definitely get behind this sniper movie.


Chuck Schumer sees the light on Obamacare

Schumer caring_2

A short time ago Senator Chuck Schumer lamented Obamacare and stated that Democrats focused on the wrong problem. It seems that Schumer now sees the light on Obamacare or much more likely, he’s worried about the next election and is doing everything he can to distance himself from the President. Unlike Mary Landrieu, it seems that Schumer has little interest in taking one for the team and is more worried about his own skin. Why not, it’s not like he’ll get anything out of simply spewing  the party line in his 2016 re-election. Nancy Pelosi had an interesting response: “We come here to do a job not keep a job“. Based upon the last election it really is an accurate assessment about keeping their jobs.

But of course, fellow liberals are assailing the new-found viewpoints Schumer holds, obviously he’s hurting history and it’s just a steaming pile. I wonder how many more democrats will take the same line prior to the next election? Remember, “a lack of transparency is a huge advantage“.

caring  grubering_1

Remember, those Ivy League douche bags are all alike.