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“Affordable” healthcare and the national debt and deficit

Many democrats/leftists/socialists have claimed that the “Affordable” Care Act, including real winners like Paul Krugman is working well. For anyone who’s not interested in asking a socialist how it’s going look at one of the following links:

Forbes-Is Obamacare Working?

NY Times-Cost of Coverage Under Affordable Care Act to Increase for 2015

Forbes-Now There Can Be No Doubt: Obamacare Has Increased Non-Group Premiums In Nearly All States


Okay, the NY Times might not be the best source for news, but you get my point. If you’re a leftist, you’ll make claims that you support affordable healthcare and that republicans are evil.

ACA2 10850235_838510946191222_2838916834929889085_n

The Affordable Care Act, it’s so great that Congress and the President aren’t required to sign up for it! For those of you like me who are racist, xenophobic, bigoted, capitalistic and evil pigs whom tolerant liberals will never be able to educate, here’s some pictures for you, enjoy!

obamacare_system_down obamacare_pajamas_boy_as_che_12-22-13-3 404-care-obamacare-glitch  Obama-2-faced cover_20131111_toc ACA1 deficit4ACA4

Just think of the Affordable Care Act as a five-year plan.


On Facebook pages such as Being Liberal you’ll see them post up pictures about how leftists are somehow responsible for the drop in the deficit (not debt) in the last few years even as they decried “Austerity“. Aside from the fact that in the last six years eight trillion has been added to the debt, just look at this CBO data that shows how the deficit is about to go back up. For those of you who still believe that leftists/Keynesians have anything to do with spending less, just look at the President’s most recent proposal to spend more money. If you’re a leftist you’ll post photos such as these without looking at the actual amount of cash the deficit is:

deficit deficit2

For those of you who don’t think that adding eight trillion to the debt or that having a deficit of only $506 billion is a great accomplishment, here’s some photos for you:

obama-debt-ceiling-economic-marxist-failure-state-of-the-union-2014-unpatriotic-e1389068536736 deficit3US-Debt-Ceiling45653-land-table

I’ve already posted this one, but here it is again for good measure. Those Keynesians really do have some funny economic ideas.


Bonus Round: Paul VS Paul, Fight!

Chuck Schumer sees the light on Obamacare

Schumer caring_2

A short time ago Senator Chuck Schumer lamented Obamacare and stated that Democrats focused on the wrong problem. It seems that Schumer now sees the light on Obamacare or much more likely, he’s worried about the next election and is doing everything he can to distance himself from the President. Unlike Mary Landrieu, it seems that Schumer has little interest in taking one for the team and is more worried about his own skin. Why not, it’s not like he’ll get anything out of simply spewing  the party line in his 2016 re-election. Nancy Pelosi had an interesting response: “We come here to do a job not keep a job“. Based upon the last election it really is an accurate assessment about keeping their jobs.

But of course, fellow liberals are assailing the new-found viewpoints Schumer holds, obviously he’s hurting history and it’s just a steaming pile. I wonder how many more democrats will take the same line prior to the next election? Remember, “a lack of transparency is a huge advantage“.

caring  grubering_1

Remember, those Ivy League douche bags are all alike.