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Leaving the European Union

What a joyous time for the U.K., the shackles of the treacherous and overly bureaucratic E.U. are finally being thrown off. After the communist Jeremy Corbyn led his Labour Party to a crushing and historic defeat a Brexit that has been wallowing and languishing for years finally happened just a few days ago. This blog post represents yet another case where I don’t need to add to much commentary but can link to others who explain the feelings of jubilation (or sadness) amongst the British and Europeans.

The Spectator – You can thank Remainers for the hardness of this Brexit

Above is an article by a man who opposed Brexit but has the self-awareness to realize that perhaps dragging it on for years and opposing the will of the British people might have some blowback.

sp!ked – A glorious victory for democracy

Indeed, a glorious victory for Britain.

The Spectator – The agony of Brexit – for us Germans

An article written by Ms. Stefanie Bolzen  who bemoans the loss of the U.K. from the jackboot of Brussels bureaucrats. She seems to have a rather low opinion of many E.U. member states (“freeloaders” among other unflattering terms) and just can’t understand why the British might not want to participate anymore. Par for the course, the author calls the main opposition party Alternative für Deutschland a bunch of racists.

U.K. Daily Mail – Party like it’s January 31! Brits far and wide including in London, Boston, Warrington and Glasgow celebrate Brexit in style with festivals and pub crawls to mark history

The Daily Mail can be a very interesting news source and I’ll post some of the jubilant (and somber) photos below. Enjoy!

Quite stylish, don’t you think?

Of course, not everybody was happy with the outcome…

A breakup of the EU?

The United Kingdom has been considering the possibility of leaving the E.U. and will even be holding a referendum on this very idea soon. I’ve never thought it made sense to push over two dozen nations together in such a manner. It’s bound by a common currency, except for the U.K., yet has no common economic policy. Germany wants other nations to be more austere, a lackluster labor market, the threat of deflation, and a lack of any common economic policy are very dangerous for the E.U.. Continental Europe is bound by a common currency yet not bound to actually help other member countries out or have a common goal. There is no common defense policy amongst the various nations of the E.U.. Why shouldn’t the United Kingdom be able to control who enters their borders from other countries? Only time will tell if the E.U. can stay together, perhaps economic forces alone will pull it apart?