Union accident prevention posters

One of the more interesting people’s tools to spread the good word on Unions are some accident prevention posters that I found on the People’s Cube. Such posters are quite useful in convincing people that Unions are all about helping workers and not payouts for the leaders. As we all know, Unions are the epitome of virtue, justice, humility, and generosity. They would never resort to arson, killing “scabs”, or other intimidation tactics to “help” workers.

Here are some of the original Soviet accident prevention posters:

17943 17944

And here are some updated posters for today’s Union thug, er uh, hard worker:

17919 17920 17921 accident1 Poster_Accident_Join_Union_or_Else Poster_Accident_Tangled_In_Work Poster_Accident_Unionize_Hammer

Unions members, proudly showing their true colors and fighting for the little guy:

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