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Impeach or Else

It seems that many progressives refuse to leave fantasy land so it is to little surprise that Senator Dianne Feinstein gets booed at a prog gathering in San Francisco. Some of her heresy against the Party line is as follows: “Look, this man is going to be president, most likely for the rest of this term,”,  “I think we have to have some patience—it’s eight months into the tenure of the presidency.”, and “I just hope he has the ability to learn and change—and if he can, he can be a good president.” Perhaps Sen. Feinstein hasn’t yet realized that there is no place for reason in the current Democratic Party as evidenced by California Senate President Kevin de Leon’s response: “We don’t have much patience for Donald Trump here in California,” and “This president has not shown any capacity to learn and proven he is not fit for office. It is the responsibility of Congress to hold him accountable—especially Democrats—not be complicit in his reckless behavior.” Of course de Leon doesn’t state what crime President Trump needs to be removed from office for; perhaps his mere existence and refusal to submit to the Party is enough.

The article goes on to state that the moderates in the Party are hurting it and being urged to step aside by many members. That’s exactly what they need, for any moderating or dissenting voices to be forever silenced. The article drones on about random Democrats who trying to file impeachment articles against President Trump and saves some of it’s best points for last: “Still, Feinstein does not enjoy the same freedom as many of her colleagues. She is a member of the two Senate committees—intelligence and judiciary—that are investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Perhaps she’s just trying to let the frenzied Democrats down slowly. Perhaps the charges of “collusion” between President Trump and Russia shouldn’t have been hyped up so much (besides, no one does collusion with the Russians Soviets like Ted Kennedy). This is how the article ends: “What’s more, the stark reality for any Democrat, even with a president as unpopular as Trump, is that, with Republicans in control of both the House and the Senate, there will simply not be the votes required to convict Trump anytime soon.

Who needs to accept reality right? Certainly not a bunch of crazed California progressives. As always, the comments section is full of great insight:

Let’s listen to Hollywood Party members

These celebrities just can’t figure it out, can they? What in their lives is hard to begin with? Are they scared that Trump might actually defend the borders of the United States? Does the thought of forcing the EPA to follow the law instead of making up regulations cause them trouble? This video is just so hysterically pathetic and these actors just don’t realize that this is not helping out there cause. I guess that when your entire argument consists of calling the other person: fascist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and whatever else is in your progressive insult lexicon.

Here’s the original video, and it has even lower ratings than when Mark Dice made his video:


W magazine has been deleting many of the popular posts, y’know, because they support free speech and oppose censorship and fascism. I took some screenshots of them for posterity.

hankfrank henkjandrick justinramierez mrvegita

andrew-johnson danny

powderboyrufuzz-bum sithseth

Why haven’t these people followed through with their threats and moved to Canada yet? In other pathetic attempts to whine about Trump, some Democrat Congressmen are boycotting the inauguration of Trump. I hope that these people continue to beclown themselves and further shrink their socialist party.

Feminist Ghostbusters

Why is it that progressives can’t just have fun? Why can’t they just leave good movies alone? Why must everything they do be for the Church of Feminism? Why does the Ghostbusters film need to be redone for the purposes of political propaganda?

Quote of the year: “Retards gonna retard.” Don’t forget cis scum, you aren’t allowed to have opinions that contradict what feminists believe in.

Don’t bother trying to find the original video and looking at how this woman dealt with the comments:


Why did Sony have to politicize this movie?

Who’s right, the critics or the general public? Who’s not scared of being called a misogynist? The “critics consensus” sounds like bullshit to me… perhaps I’ll watch a copy I found using BitTorrent.


Be like Iceland?

In yet another debate with progressives they gave almost no evidence to back up their assertions. In today’s post, we’ll go over some propaganda concerning Iceland. According to The Other 98%:


Here’s my conversation with Michael Campos and some fellow Sandroids:

michaelc     michaelc1   Vinge

The Reuters story Michael linked me to was the only source of information that he gave me. In it the article states that a whole four people went to prison. The statement concerning “bailed out its citizens” is not explained. Perhaps that’s what progressives call nationalizing industries? Concerning Iceland’s recovery, “strongest” isn’t actually compared to anything nor is any citation or data provided. Using data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and World Bank we can compare recoveries between the U.S. and Iceland. I bet if I watch the movie that Erik Vinge told me to I’ll be properly re-educated right?

US_GDP_by_year    Iceland GDP change by year

If you look at just GDP, there seems to be little difference. I suppose that Iceland did better than Greece.

U.S. BEA data (Excel)

World Bank GDP data (Excel)

I suppose that I should look at more than just one economic indicator though. How about inflation?

Iceland inflation    U.S. inflation

World Bank inflation data (Excel)

At least inflation in Iceland dropped from what it was in the Carter years for the U.S. How about Industry, value added?

Industry, value added Iceland Industry, value added U.S.

Industry, value added data (Excel)

I could keep going, but the idea that Iceland is a utopia or is experiencing amazing performance is simply unfounded. Was a country that just experienced a depression supposed to keep contracting forever? Have progressives never heard of the business cycle? Do progressives really think that all bad investments can be avoided?

Some comments The Other 98% received on their inane photo:

Mkroboth    shrannar     Ukristjansson



The difference, Leo’s footprint, and running mates

Good evening comrades, tonight I’ll just be posting up some pictorial propaganda to share with all of your progressive friends. Enjoy!

Like I’ve asked before, what’s the difference between the Democratic Party and the CPUSA?


Remember folks, you owning a truck and forgetting to turn a light off is destroying the environment. Don’t ask Leo about his carbon footprint; it might even be larger than Al Gore’s!

Leo-1   Leo-2

Going back to the Democratic Party, what would it take for Shillary to not get the Democratic nomination? You can always read on how a third of Bernie’s Bolsheviks refuse to vote for Hillary and listen to the whining on the Puffington Host. Shillary could get and indicted and I imagine that most progs would vote for her as they currently are anyway. As long as the “free” stuff keeps coming in what difference does it make?



Joe Biden doesn’t mean what he says…


So by now everyone has heard about the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia and the subsequent fight that has broken out over the Supreme Court. Dear Leader Obama is claiming that he needs to fulfill his Constitutional duties and I suppose that he’s correct. It is not the Constitutional duty of the Senate to vote on any nominee. Here’s the text of the Constitution, Article II, Section ii:

The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments.

There is no requirement for the Senate to vote in favor of, or vote at all for anyone the President nominates. The Senate has given its advice to the President and does not have to consent. Many nominees have failed to become a justice due to political opposition among other reasons. Posted below is the number of Supreme Court nominees who have not made it to the Supreme Court, 1789-2010:


To take an excerpt from the publication Supreme Court Nominations Not Confirmed, 1789-August 2010 by Mr. Henry B. Hogue for the Congressional Research Service here’s a description of political opposition to nominees by lame duck Presidents:

Opposition to the nominating President played a role in at least 16 of the 36 nominations that were not confirmed. Many of the 16 were put forward by a President in the last year of his presidency—seven occurred after a successor President had been elected, but before the transfer of power to the new administration. Each of these “lame duck” nominations transpired under 19th century Presidents when the post-election period lasted from early November until early March. Four one-term Presidents made nominations of this kind. President John Quincy Adams nominated John J. Crittenden in December 1828, after losing the election to Andrew Jackson.  President Tyler’s third nomination of Walworth, second nomination of King, and only nomination of Read all came after Tyler had lost to James Polk. President Millard Fillmore nominated E. Badger and William C. Micou after Franklin Pierce had been elected to replace him. Finally, President James Buchanan forwarded the name of Jeremiah S. Black to the Senate less than a month before Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration. Other nominations where opposition to the President was a major factor include the remaining unsuccessful Tyler nominations, Fillmore’s nomination of Edward A. Bradford, and Andrew Johnson’s nomination of Henry Stanbery.

Let’s look at some statements made by prominent progressive Party members:

Progressives will claim that what these individuals said wasn’t really what they said. From the ThinkProgress article No, Joe Biden Didn’t Say That The Senate Should Block Supreme Court Nominees During An Election Year:

But Biden’s full speech undermines their claim. Rather than urging his colleagues to deny Bush’s potential nominee a hearing, Biden was bemoaning the politicization of the confirmation process — hence his suggestion of not holding a hearing in the heat of a presidential election — and what he saw as Bush’s refusal to properly consult with the Senate in selecting a nominee. In fact, just 10 minutes after calling for temporary inaction on Bush’s candidate, Biden actually promised to consider a moderate Supreme Court nominee.

So President Obama is going to ask Senate Republicans who should be nominated? Based upon President Obama’s previous Supreme Court nominations I don’t think that that’s in the plan, especially since this is his change to nominate a young version of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As I said before, the Constitution isn’t very specific on how the nomination process has to go. I’m sure that McConnell would be all for voting for another Chief Justice Roberts, but that’s probably not going to happen.

Biden made his remarks in the context of reforming the entire judicial confirmation process, which, he claimed, had been marred by Justice Clarence Thomas’ contentious confirmation hearings. “

Of course, no details are given on why Justice Thomas was a bad candidate. But hey, if the Party can make a smear movie to re-write history he’ll look like a bad guy right?

As Chairman, Biden repeatedly confirmed Bush’s judicial nominees during the 1992 election season. In the second session of the 102nd Congress, ‘the Senate confirmed more nominees, 11, to the courts of appeals that year than in any other presidential election year in United States history,’ holding hearings ‘on district court nominees every month from January to September; court of appeals nominees received hearings in every month from February to September.’

The Senate confirmed a decent number of people, but the folks at ThinkCommunist Progress left out the large number of nominations that were rejected. From the publication Nomination and Confirmation of Lower Federal Court Judges in Presidential Election Years from the Congressional Research Service:

The second session of the 102 nd Congress is particularly notable in the context of judicial nominations for two things: first, the Senate confirmed more nominees, 11, to the courts of appeals that year than in any other presidential election year in United States history; second, at its sine die adjournment, the Senate also returned more court of appeals nominations to the President, 10, than at the end of any other Congress until the 106th Congress (1999-2000).

What comes around goes around.

During most of the second session of the 102nd Congress, the pace of Senate consideration of judicial nominations dd not generate much controversy in the Senate Judiciary Committee, on the floor of the Senate, or subsequently on the campaign trail. This prompted one campaign observer to note that ‘about 100 of 828 federal judgeships are waiting to be filled, but three debates yielded not a single comment about how George Bush, Bill Clinton or Ross Perot would use such appointments to affect a generation of justice.’ While the Senate was in its traditional August recess, news reports quoted Judiciary Committee staffers as saying that the pace of confirmations generated ‘very little criticism from either the Justice Department or the White House.’ Soon afterwards, however, a news account reported that Democrats, who had the Senate majority, began, upon their return from the August recess, ‘to delay confirming some of President Bush’s nominees for major judgeships to preserve the vacancies for Gov. Bill Clinton if he is elected President.’

Who would guess that a progressive wouldn’t read all of the source that they cited as evidence? Oh well, maybe next time. I’ll post some more food for thought below. As always, sharing is caring!

The Federalist-5 Worst Responses To GOP Plan To Delay Supreme Court Confirmation

The Federalist-No, The Senate Doesn’t Have To Confirm Obama Appointees

Power Line Blog-Confirmation Bias, NY Times Style

Who is Robert Bork?

Power Line Blog-The Supreme Court Controversy in one Sentence



Feeling the Bern, part four

Good evening comrades, it’s time for another round of glorious pictorial propaganda to celebrate Citizen Senator Sanders. The fun never stops at Economic Illiterates for Bernie Sanders 2016. After Bernie is inaugurated next year he will usher in a new era of utopia not seen since the Great Depression. Total government spending will go up from approximately 35% of GDP to double or raise to even greater heights and fully snuff out the private sector. The conversion of the United States of America to the United Socialist States of America will be complete and the last vestiges of capitalism will be purged from society. We will truly live in a paradise. Forward!

This was produced by a genuine Bernie supporter! Isn’t it awesome?!

1937137_929600127129776_4986223959656059482_n  12615141_10156560450300374_5008849472153375364_o  12642523_10153233500536697_3320870184307534099_n  12642619_832889621115_7294484435066046573_n 12645135_10100444061444500_3388434319001976585_n  12670467_801234513315282_9049662932458246594_n 12670861_10153834128726425_4139315390278930385_n  12688281_10154126213763974_3603856737662163217_n 12705196_10154126214873974_5295509747422146737_n    Sanders-Cult  12670455_10207022002221521_1505578538064992712_n  12650794_10154126215273974_6619917434256219766_n  12651178_803914566380610_6190667262808849389_n 

For anyone who’s curious to the background behind the following photo: Washington Free Beacon-Bernie Sanders Condemns Existence of 23 Different Brands of Deodorant While Children Go Hungry


12670104_802806636491403_6227201768770297003_n12654314_1106730059347261_47000619306462022_n  12661983_10156720683495314_8491219007494682140_n

Are you feeling the Bern? Why not start with the U.S. Constitution?!


As always, don’t be scared to share all of the media material that I have amassed here.

Are you feeling the Bern?

Feel the Bern, part Duo!

Feel the Bern, part three

Safe spaces at the University of Pennsylvania

Continuing on from my last post concerning Safe Spaces we’re going to take a look at the Safe Spaces that are provided at the University of Pennsylvania. Let’s take a look at how progressives are accelerating the Balkanization of the United States:

Remember folks, it’s racist for “white” people to form any similar association.

This man could go to his Safe Space and continue to not critically think about differing opinions. Don't you want to be just like him?
This man could go to his Safe Space and continue to not critically think about differing opinions. Don’t you want to be just like him?

Who’s allowed in your safe space? More importantly, who’s not allowed in your safe space? Obviously, critical thinking is not allowed on safe spaces at Mizzou.

FemSoc (not satire) approves of this progressive message!


Remember, you don’t have the right to take photos in a public space according to progressives. The First Amendment (and the Constitution in general) is not important to progressives. Freedom and liberty do not matter, just you giving up your money for their demands. I’ll respect their space, with a sledgehammer…

Here are some quotable quotes:

I know that you better back up…

My name is ConcernedStudent1950…

I’m gonna call the police on you…

I need some muscle over here!


I think that I’ll declare February to be German History Month. Who’s with me?


Scientology, Bill’s choices, money, and a paradox

I’m just putting up more pictorial propaganda tonight. I’ll come up with a real post with some original content soon enough. For now, let’s just have a few good laughs.

The Church of Scientology believes in the Church of Climate Change and you should too. Are you ready to for the trillions in tax increases and wealth distribution that climate scientists Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio are calling for comrade? Don’t forget, according to Kommissar Al Gore the Earth is supposed to finish burning up by midnight tonight.


Bill kept choosing women other than Hillary? Shouldn’t you as well?

Bill-Clinton-chooses 12572983_902935839819625_3110469622475151923_n Rolling-Stone-Magazine-0008aAa-598x812

The second issue of Poor Me! magazine has been issued. If you subscribe by this Sunday your neighbor gets the bill and you get a free week’s ration of People’s Beet Vodka. Sign up today!


Under the wise guidance of Chairman Sanders, we will all be trillionaires! Isn’t that just wonderful?


Perhaps this man is just trolling everybody? Am I just getting Punk’d like Demi Moore?


To date a feminist…

This is a sad video. This feminist named Marina Watanabe has a program called Feminist Fridays and decided to parade the sad, pathetic image of her boyfriend on her show. Watching this video is just awful. At first you feel sad for the man, then you want to punch him in the face for his complete lack of a spine. As you go through this video it’s made clear that he’s not allowed to speak his mind though there may not be much going on in there anyway. Are you ready to act like a total loser? Then you too can cut your balls off and date a feminist like this guy can. Enjoy the prelude to domestic violence against this guy!


Below is the original video for which comments are disabled. Aren’t you glad that this guy date a feminist so that you don’t have to?

I would rather be alone for an eternity than date a feminist. I know what this guy needs to watch, the total carnage that can only be produced in a Rambo film. This may not be enough though, he clearly needs some more testosterone and fortitude.