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Economic arguments with progressives

This may have been pointless, futile, and a waste of time, but I tried discussing economics with progressives. Also, on Facebook of all places. Obviously, nothing worthwhile came out of the discussions and I simply got called things like “STUPID TROLL” “ALEC dumbass”, RepubliKKKan, and the didn’t offer any real retort to my arguments. Remember, liberals care about anti-bullying campaigns, unless you disagree with them politically. If you’re a RepubliKKKan, KKKonservative, Losertarian, or other non-leftist your opinion doesn’t count. Just ignore the failure of: the former Soviet Union, nations of the former Warsaw Pact, Venezuela, Cuba (but just look at those high literacy rates), Zimbabwe, North Korea, Detroit, the National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany, Greece, and Spain.

If you’re a socialist like the people over at the Mother Jones magazine you’ll say things like “Kochtopia” and that “Kansas is screwed”. Don’t actually look at any economic performance data or the low unemployment rates. Don’t you dare actually read into how different states are doing. If you’re a liberal, you’ll ignore the economic performance of a state like Texas. You’ll also point out how Kansas had its credit rating downgraded while Illinois has had the same thing happen to it nine times. I didn’t realize that progressives cared about budget deficits or debt? Funny thing is, I thought that a city such as Detroit would fit that description better, but that must be the fault of capitalism right? Liberals had nothing to do with it at all.

jobgrowthclear graph- 05-PM

For anyone who’s interested in getting a good laugh out of my economic discussions with progressives, here you go. Always remember, just turn your brain off when you debate economics with leftists. You’ll lose too many brain cells otherwise.

A Cisco router or switch is a job now. Also, labor costs nothing.

economics economics1

Don’t actually look at the cost of living in a country, just isolate one single statistic to make your point. Don’t look at any economic performance data either.

economics2 ecnomics3

Detroit wasn’t run by liberals for the last fifty years apparently…

economics5 economics6

If you’re real lucky and doing very well, the leftist will wish for your imminent death. It’s also hilarious when they state that you hate people of a lower class and/or color even if you’ve mentioned nothing about race.

economics_1 economics_2 economics_3 economics_4 economics_5 economics_6


This exchange goes on even longer than I’ve posted up, but I think that you get the point.