The failure of socialism in Venezuela, continued…

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Venezuela seems to be getting worse and worse, Nicolas Maduro and his socialist government just keep failing. Among many of the recent problems to surface are a lack of doctors to provide state-mandated healthcare. To be fair though, even if the doctors and nurses stayed they wouldn’t have any medical supplies or basic items to treat patients anyway. Constitutionally and government enforced healthcare is a good thing and always means that you’ll be cared for right? The Venezuelan government isn’t even allowing people to pass through the border at night, something about smuggling and a shortage of basic staples. No leaving the country between 10 PM to 5AM for citizens, just stick it out and the 60% inflation rates will go down eventually.

Maybe one day Venezuela will dump socialism and expand their economy and exports past selling oil. Perhaps soon they’ll stop selling gasoline domestically at six cents per gallon. Speaking of prices, what’s a barrel of oil go for now, something under $58 by now. I wonder how much longer Maduro and his group of socialists will blame the U.S. for his problems? Venezuela’s problems started long before the U.S. considered sanctions against Venezuela. I wonder how much lower oil prices will go and how much longer Maduro’s government can take this?

El Universal-Flights of doctors leaves Venezuelan hospitals without medical specialists

El Universal-Venezuela restrains on all its borders at night

Yahoo! News-“Stupid” U.S. sanctions won’t undo my government:Maduro

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