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More socialist failures, Greece and Venezuela edition!


By now many of you have heard about the Communist government that was elected in Greece and the “promise” to do away with bailout problems. An agreement for a four month extension of debt payments was granted to Greece by the Euro zone and IMF creditors. It’s really amazing that the Greeks were desperate enough to believe that Syriza would be able to fulfil all guarantees made during the election and still keep the welfare state. I don’t believe in the Euro zone but a government that has no money and is asking for massive debts to be forgiven doesn’t really have many options available. Those that voted and believe that Greece can keep its welfare state, keep the Euro, and not pay back any loans could use a reality check.

What do those of you reading this think the odds are of Syriza keeping its promises, avoid a default, or keep the Euro? I personally believe that it’s time for Greeks to give up on the Euro experiment and regain some sovereignty. I suppose that almost thirty years of socialism with the Panhellenic Socialist Party just wasn’t enough for the Greeks.

Reuters-Greece runs out of funds despite euro zone reprieve


   The other socialist failure that I’ll mention with this post concerns Venezuela, a country that exports essentially nothing except for oil. Now that those prices have collapsed all of the welfare programs provided by the state, massive expansion of the public sector, price controls, and other factors have caused the Venezuelan economy to enter a tail-spin. The country can’t supply basic goods to its citizens, constitutionally mandated healthcare isn’t provided, the country is near default, and inflation is over 60%. As should be expected, Nicolas Maduro is blaming capitalists, the CIA, and the United States. I suppose that progressives are also OK with the rising oppression of the Venezuelan people, it is being performed by a socialist government after all. If nothing else they will probably not say much about what is happening, unless it’s to blame the Koch brothers or something of that nature. I’ll close this post out with one last picture.


The failure of socialism in Venezuela, continued…

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Venezuela seems to be getting worse and worse, Nicolas Maduro and his socialist government just keep failing. Among many of the recent problems to surface are a lack of doctors to provide state-mandated healthcare. To be fair though, even if the doctors and nurses stayed they wouldn’t have any medical supplies or basic items to treat patients anyway. Constitutionally and government enforced healthcare is a good thing and always means that you’ll be cared for right? The Venezuelan government isn’t even allowing people to pass through the border at night, something about smuggling and a shortage of basic staples. No leaving the country between 10 PM to 5AM for citizens, just stick it out and the 60% inflation rates will go down eventually.

Maybe one day Venezuela will dump socialism and expand their economy and exports past selling oil. Perhaps soon they’ll stop selling gasoline domestically at six cents per gallon. Speaking of prices, what’s a barrel of oil go for now, something under $58 by now. I wonder how much longer Maduro and his group of socialists will blame the U.S. for his problems? Venezuela’s problems started long before the U.S. considered sanctions against Venezuela. I wonder how much lower oil prices will go and how much longer Maduro’s government can take this?

El Universal-Flights of doctors leaves Venezuelan hospitals without medical specialists

El Universal-Venezuela restrains on all its borders at night

Yahoo! News-“Stupid” U.S. sanctions won’t undo my government:Maduro

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The failure of socialism in Venezuela

Venezuela has been going downhill for a while now. With excessive inflation, an inability to supply basic goods and services, a lack of foreign currency, the looming threat of a default, extreme violence against any who dare question the government, and criminalization of any civilian-owned weapons perhaps it’s only a matter of time before Venezuela collapses. With massive oil reserves Venezuela is now importing oil. I guess socialism isn’t working out so well. I wonder how much longer Maduro will stay in power?


USA Today-Venezuela, with world’s largest reserves, imports oil