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Jimmy Kimmel is crying…

Jimmy Kimmel is sad that Trump and his fellow RethugliKKKans don’t like Obamacare. He’s sad that some proles, I mean citizens don’t want the federal government to control their health insurance or medicine. He’s sad that some of you oppose the forced redistribution of wealth and aren’t interested in turning the United States into a European country. It doesn’t matter that countries like Denmark have 40% (minimum) income taxes, a 25% VAT, and that most of your income is gone before you receive it because we all need to support mandatory health and human services (such as gender reassignment surgery) whether you want them or not.

Obviously, what you need to realize is that you need free stuff from the government paid for by everyone else. Freedom and liberty are outdated bourgeois ideals that only racist, bigoted, cis-gendered white men believe in. Don’t bother asking Jimmy Kimmel and his fellow socialist celebrities to donate their own money towards what they believe in.

Kimmel, you’re a rich actor who will never have problems affording anything yet you want to dictate how the rest of us live while calling it charity. To hell with you Jimmy.


Let’s listen to Hollywood Party members

These celebrities just can’t figure it out, can they? What in their lives is hard to begin with? Are they scared that Trump might actually defend the borders of the United States? Does the thought of forcing the EPA to follow the law instead of making up regulations cause them trouble? This video is just so hysterically pathetic and these actors just don’t realize that this is not helping out there cause. I guess that when your entire argument consists of calling the other person: fascist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and whatever else is in your progressive insult lexicon.

Here’s the original video, and it has even lower ratings than when Mark Dice made his video:


W magazine has been deleting many of the popular posts, y’know, because they support free speech and oppose censorship and fascism. I took some screenshots of them for posterity.

hankfrank henkjandrick justinramierez mrvegita

andrew-johnson danny

powderboyrufuzz-bum sithseth

Why haven’t these people followed through with their threats and moved to Canada yet? In other pathetic attempts to whine about Trump, some Democrat Congressmen are boycotting the inauguration of Trump. I hope that these people continue to beclown themselves and further shrink their socialist party.

Global Warming causes Anthrax


You might not have known this, but Global Warming climate change is causing an Anthrax outbreak in Siberia. From a wonderful article on NPR:

Russia is fighting a mysterious anthrax outbreak in a remote corner of Siberia. Dozens of people have been hospitalized; one child has died. The government airlifted some families out because more than 2,000 reindeer have been infected.

Turn your computer off, you murderer you.

Officials don’t know exactly how the outbreak started, but the current hypothesis is almost unbelievable: A heat wave has thawed the frozen soil there and with it, a reindeer carcass infected with anthrax decades ago.

Some scientists think this incident could be an example of what climate change may increasingly surface in the tundra.

Apparently, heat waves weren’t a thing until the last few decades of Earth’s history.

The soil in the Yamal Pennisula is like a giant freezer,” says Jean-Michel Claverie at the National Center for Scientific Research in France. “Those are very, very good conditions for bacteria to remain alive for a very long time.

Who introduced science into this attempt to control your life?

Then this summer, a heat wave hit and a thicker layer of permafrost melted, and the reindeer’s body rose to the surface, the theory goes. As it warmed up, so did the anthrax.

Infectious spores spread across the tundra. Other reindeer grazing nearby picked up the disease.

Again, heat waves never hit the world until a few decades ago. This can only happen during climate change caused by your use of gasoline, electricity, and petrochemicals.

There’s likely to be more cases of anthrax resurfacing, says Birgitta Evengard, a microbiologist at Umea University in Sweden. That’s because climate change is causing the temperature in the Arctic Circle to rise very quickly.

“‘It’s rising about three times faster in the Arctic than in the rest of the world,” she says. “And that means the ice is melting and the permafrost is thawing.’

No time frame or data is given; such information is simply not necessary. What you need to know is that some bureaucrats need to control every aspect of your life and you need to give up all of your cash.

In the early 20th century, there were repeated anthrax outbreaks in Siberia. More than a million reindeer died. Now there are about 7,000 burial grounds with infected carcasses scattered across northern Russia.

It seems like this current outbreak is pretty small but no matter, you need to be scared of climate change.

‘It’s not that easy to dig in the permafrost to bury these animals,” Evengard says. “So they are kind of very close to the surface.’

That means anthrax outbreaks in Siberia could occur every summer, she says. And it’s not just anthrax that could be a problem.

People and animals have been buried in permafrost for centuries. There could be bodies infected with all kinds of viruses and bacteria, frozen in time. She says scientists are just starting look for it.

So these animals aren’t actually buried, but the permafrost they weren’t buried in is releasing them? It sounds like these animals were just left on the surface. Isn’t it amazing what masquerades as news?

Bonus Round: If you have the time, read this awesome New York Times article on why you should go to prison to fight climate change.





Quit, Bernie Quit!


Voting is done in Northeastern primaries and after tallying a number of votes Shillary Hillary has won four out five states with Bernie winning in Rhode Island by two delegates. I know that this might be hard for the Sandroids to believe, but Bernie had little chance of winning to begin with and is most certainly finished by now. But according to the aging socialists he’s going to take it out to the convention. Bernie has also blamed poor people for his failure. I’m not using hyperbole on that as Bernie actually told NBC’s Meet the Press “poor people don’t vote.” and “I mean, that’s just a fact,” Sanders continued. “That’s a sad reality of American society.

Bernie’s supporters need some serious help:

I'm sure that Bernie will find a path towards victory...
I’m sure that Bernie will find a path towards victory…

On the Republican side Trump won in every state and received almost every single delegate. Trump also has done what many pundits have said can’t be done and won a majority of the vote instead of just a plurality as he was doing before. As always, opinion polls can only tell you so much.

republicanApril 26

I was hoping for some Ted Cruz victories yet I would still gladly support Trump over the lying old hag and the aging communist. What an awesome election it’s been and I’m sure that it can only get better as it drags on.

We must learn from them…

In this case, as progressives always say we must learn from the Nordic model. I was on Power Line blog looking over a story on how Venezuela’s state run beer company is going to cease most of its production at the end of the month and of course the Sandroids came out of the woodwork to claim Venezuela isn’t doing it right:


The response of myself and others:

abowden1    abowden2

I figure that enough time has gone by to where I can reasonably assume none of us who questioned Ms. Bowden will ever get an intelligent response. If one does some simple research into how a country like Denmark pays for its welfare state it’s apparent that more than the 1% pay high taxes. According to the European Commission’s Taxes in Europe Database the Danish Value Added Tax is 25%, with a few exceptions. Doesn’t a 25% national sales tax sound great? It’s even better if it never shows up on your receipt; it’s like it’s not even there! How about a tax on food with over the “triviality limit” of 2.3% fat? 180% car registration taxes? How about those 40% national income taxes (remember, this doesn’t count municipal taxes) for anyone who makes over 49,900 DKK (about $7,000 US)? I didn’t post a direct link to the tax pages because the website doesn’t let you enter your tax searches in as a direct link to go to the webpage on the tax you’re looking for. It’s a fairly easy website to navigate though.

Denmark fat    Denmark income tax    Denmark VAT   Denmark car tax

The “1%” will never have enough money on their own to provide everything Bernie and his Sandroids are demanding. For anyone who would like to review my debunking of how progressives claim poverty is rising and how giving more free stuff is the solution I’ll refer you to one of my previous posts. Do people in “poverty” have cable TV and smartphones? Concerning Ms. Bowden’s comments on “strong social policy” making Denmark a great place to do business let’s look at Forbes’ The Best Countries for Doing Business 2015 list. Here are some good excerpts:

The picture isn’t as bright for the U.S., which slides four spots to No. 22. It continues a six-year descent since 2009 when the U.S. ranked second overall. The U.S. is the financial capital of the world and its largest economy at $17.4 trillion (China is second at $10.4 trillion), but it scores poorly on monetary freedom and bureaucracy/red tape. More than 150 new major regulations have been added since 2009 at a cost of $70 billion, according to the Heritage Foundation.

Clearly, passing some more laws and regulations will help the economy.

Denmark has ranked first in six of the 10 annual editions of FORBES’ Best Countries list. The country has been in the news in the U.S. lately thanks to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who holds up the nation of 5.6 million people as a model socialist utopia. The country does have one of the highest individual tax burdens in the world in exchange for its wide-ranging services, but it is very much a market-based economy.

Bernie’s not accurately representing the Nordic countries, but when has the truth mattered to the Party?

Denmark ranked in the top 20 in all but one of the 11 metrics we used to gauge the Best Countries for Business (it ranked 28th for red tape). It scored particularly well for freedom (personal and monetary) and low corruption. The regulatory climate is one of the world’s ‘most transparent and efficient,’ according to the Heritage Foundation.

Is Obamacare “transparent and efficient“?

The $341 billion Danish economy has been listless of late, growing only 1.1% last year and likely not much better in 2015 when the books are closed. A drop in export revenue has been the main culprit, but the foundation is in place for strong economic activity ahead. The Danish stock market is enthusiastic about the country’s prospects. It is up 34% over the past 12 months.

The U.S. economy has grown at a higher rate in recent years…

Perhaps it’s just me, but Ms. Bowden is the one not using facts and lying. Would a progressive like to share with me how giving out free stuff helps the economy? Funny enough, the government of Norway has admitted that it’s welfare state is unsustainable. From Reuters:

Norway’s energy boom is tailing off years ahead of expectations, exposing an economy unprepared for life after oil and threatening the long-term viability of the world’s most generous welfare model.

High spending within the sector has pushed up wages and other costs to unsustainable levels, not just for the oil and gas industry but for all sectors, and that is now acting as a drag on further energy investment. Norwegian firms outside oil have struggled to pick up the slack in what has been, for at least a decade, almost a single-track economy.

Off to a great start.

In Norway, job security seems to be taken for granted, almost like it’s a human right to have a job,’ says Hans Petter Havdal, CEO of car-parts maker Kongsberg Automotive.

Don’t tell Bernie that you can limit how many rights the State can give you. This Havdal is an obvious thoughtkriminal!

Kongsberg Automotive has only 5 percent of its workers left in Norway, having moved jobs to places like Mexico, China and the United States, and keeping only high-tech, automated functions at home. It says it is struggling with high labor costs and even problems such as excessive sick leave.

‘It’s a bit discouraging that the sick leave in Norway is twice the level of other plants,’ Havdal said. ‘That is to me an indication that something is not as it should be.’

Don’t tell Bernie, but his idea for a national $15/hr required wage will just get people fired and replaced by robots.

In 2012, a new word entered the Norwegian lexicon – to ‘nave’, or live off benefits from welfare agency NAV.

‘Approximately 600,000 Norwegians … who should be part of the labor force are outside the labor force, because of welfare, pension issues,’ says Siv Jensen, the finance minister.

Translation: welfare queen; also remember that Norway only has a population of five million.

It also boasts the world’s highest GDP per hour worked, according to the OECD, but labor productivity has declined since 2007, and since 2000 its unit labor cost has risen around six times faster than in Germany.

I guess that this won’t last.

Neighbor Sweden, meanwhile, cut sickness and unemployment benefits and lowered income, wealth and corporate taxes. Its tax burden has fallen by four percentage points of gross domestic product, now making it lower than France.

But such wage adjustment in Norway is unlikely in the near term, and unions dispute that the country has a competitiveness problem. Industrial workers nearly went on strike in April until last-minute concessions.

I think that the wonderland progressives are imagining in the Nordic countries was and is going down the drain. For anyone who’s interested, below are some articles about Denmark rolling back its welfare system:

Wall Street Journal-The End of Nordic Illusions

The New York Times-Danes Rethink a Welfare State Ample to a Fault

The idea that the Nordic countries are perfect and all economic growth can be attributed to what amounts to free stuff is false and needs to be exposed for the lie it is.







Irina Alexandrovevskivich’s five reasons to vote for Hillary

Irina Alexandrovevskivich’s five reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton will truly convince you to give up any inkorrect thinking you are harboring and vote for the Socialist Democratic Party. Shillary Hillary will liberate you from working for a living to voting for a living and serving the State. Women will be liberated from all the loser men in their lives. It will be as glorious as the Workers’ Paradise of Detroit or Chicongo. Forward, to the World of Next Tuesday!

Women vote for women, men vote for men…

Bernie is feeling the Bern in Washington D.C.

Bernie wanted socialism, so he got what he wanted right?
Bernie wanted socialism, so he got what he wanted right?

Bernie’s show campaign of failure drags on and the DNC just redistributed his votes for him in Washington D.C.; Bernie isn’t on the ballot due to the Democratic Party filing his paperwork late even though Bernie’s campaign sent it on time. Isn’t it amazing to watch the Party and socialism in action? The Party has decided that the show has gone on long enough and now it’s time for Bernie’s Mensheviks to tout the Party line and support Shillary Hillary.

You might be thinking that the possibility of an indictment and conviction for Hillary’s malfeasance of state secrets (which would get any lowly peon years of prison time) might give Bernie a chance. If you’re thinking that, you would be wrong though. The Party will find ways of shutting up the snitches, Vince Foster style. Bernie’s supporters are getting restless though and it might be time for some re-education and a Cultural Revolution.




PAnne SPedasso

Change we can believe in, a future to believe in, what difference does it make?
Change we can believe in, a future to believe in, what difference does it make?

Even without special Party members or any other such Party tricks, it looks like the Democratic Party is giving the majority of their votes to Shillary anyway.


As always, be sure to share this post with your progressive comrades!


Fox News-Sanders off the DC primary ballot after Dems bungle paperwork

NBC4-Bernie Sanders May Be Off DC Ballot After Democratic Party Filing

The difference, Leo’s footprint, and running mates

Good evening comrades, tonight I’ll just be posting up some pictorial propaganda to share with all of your progressive friends. Enjoy!

Like I’ve asked before, what’s the difference between the Democratic Party and the CPUSA?


Remember folks, you owning a truck and forgetting to turn a light off is destroying the environment. Don’t ask Leo about his carbon footprint; it might even be larger than Al Gore’s!

Leo-1   Leo-2

Going back to the Democratic Party, what would it take for Shillary to not get the Democratic nomination? You can always read on how a third of Bernie’s Bolsheviks refuse to vote for Hillary and listen to the whining on the Puffington Host. Shillary could get and indicted and I imagine that most progs would vote for her as they currently are anyway. As long as the “free” stuff keeps coming in what difference does it make?



Irina Alexandrovevskivich endorses Bernie!

Ms. Alexandrovevskivich endorses Bernie and you can too. Let’s listen to what this fine Party member has to say:

For reference, here’s where the deodorant comment comes from. Funny enough, one of the Sandroids commented that Bernie’s words have no meaning:



Discussions with Bernie Sanders supporters…

Today’s post is dedicated to my complex, intelligent, factually-based, and well-thought out debates with the Sandroid Bernout Army. I’m just kidding folks, there wasn’t a whole lot of critical thinking going on in the mind of the Sandroids. Only one of the people I asked questions of was somewhat reasonable. You’ve heard me talk of the folks over at Economic Illiterates for Bernie Sanders 2016 before and this is where most of the discussions took place at.

To start this off here’s a CNN that some Sandroids decided to spam the aforementioned page with.

CNN-Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says

In the CNN article a single economist by the name of Gerald Freidman claims that under Bernie’s plan the U.S. economy would:

Friedman, who believes in democratic socialism like the candidate, found that if Sanders became president — and was able to push his plan through Congress — median household income would be $82,200 by 2026, far higher than the $59,300 projected by the Congressional Budget Office.

In addition, poverty would plummet to a record low 6%, as opposed to the CBO’s forecast of 13.9%. The U.S. economy would grow by 5.3% per year, instead of 2.1%, and the nation’s $1.3 trillion deficit would turn into a large surplus by Sanders’ second term.

I’m fairly certain that most of the Bernie supporters didn’t get past this part (or the title for that matter) since right after that portion of the article was the following:

Other economists, however, feel that Friedman’s analysis is overly optimistic, saying it would be difficult to achieve that level of economic prosperity. Last week, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget said Sanders’ plan to pay for health care would fall short by at least $3 trillion.”

I wonder where the $14.5 trillion is going to come from?

Sanders’ plan to pour $14.5 trillion into the economy — including spending on infrastructure and youth employment, increasing Social Security benefits, making college free and expanding health care and family leave — would juice GDP and productivity. (Friedman reduces the cost of Medicare-for-all to $10.7 trillion because he estimates the government would save $3.1 trillion by eliminating tax breaks for health insurance premiums.)

That’s right, tax increases on the wretched and vile “1%”, a 2.2% income tax on anyone making over $28,000 a year, a 6.2% payroll tax levied on the employer side, a tax on numerous financial transactions (purchase/sale of bonds, stocks, among many other things), and big increases on capital gains among numerous other fees. Brilliant, whatever could go wrong with this great plan?   (Hat-tip to We Are Capitalists)


Continuing on though:

‘Like the New Deal of the 1930s, Senator Sanders’ program is designed to do more than merely increase economic activity,’ Friedman writes. It will ‘promote a more just prosperity, broadly-based with a narrowing of economy inequality.’

FDR’s Treasury Secretary, Henry Morgenthau Jr. admitted that New Deal policies were a complete and utter failure that didn’t restore employment, restore prosperity, or even end the Great Depression.

Many presidential hopefuls say their economic programs would boost growth. Donald Trump and Jeb Bush justify their big tax cuts by saying GDP would grow at a 4% rate. But their plans have been panned by experts as overly optimistic.

We won’t get 4% growth per year in the economy, but Bernie and his Bernouts will find a way to make the U.S. economy consistently grow at 5.3% every year.

Friedman, however, argues that Sanders’ plan would be more stimulative because it is pouring money into the economy, as opposed to cutting taxes. Several of Sanders’ proposals — such as spending $1 trillion on infrastructure — will happen in the first few years of his administration.

The thinking goes: This enhanced government spending would increase demand on businesses, who would then hire more workers to meet their needs. The increase in employment will prompt people to buy more, leading other businesses to hire.

‘If there is more spending, people will have more to do,’ Friedman said, noting that the share of the population with jobs could be restored to its 1999 level of more than 64%, up from its current 59.6% rate.

So if we take more money from citizens just to give it back to them later the economy will grow? Brilliant…

10610743_10207814491744006_389463997724232360_n       11261496_744850538953680_400639547207836214_n

At the end of the article we see the following:

Still, some experts question whether the effects would be that large.

Stimulating demand can boost a weak economy during a recession, but ‘it’s harder to accept as a long-run growth strategy,’ said William Gale, the former director of Brookings’ Economic Studies Program.

Also, it would be very difficult to achieve and maintain an economic growth rate of 5.3% per year after inflation. That target hasn’t been hit consistently since the 1960s, when technology was providing big advancements, the workforce was younger and there was increased demand for American products worldwide as other countries fully recovered from World War II.

‘The 5.3% number is a fantasy,’ said Jim Kessler, senior vice president at Third Way, a centrist think tank.

I feel like I’ve said something similar to this before about economic conditions in the 1950s and progressive ideas about the tax code.


Now that I’ve established what the Bernie trolls are citing as evidence of their ideas being correct, let’s look at how they respond to my arguments.

Here was the standard response I gave (i.e. copied and pasted) since the Sandroids kept citing the same article without reading it.

Sandroid Response

Some people never really responded…

JessicaPeck      MikeJoseph      JessicaPeck

Like I said at the beginning, there was one individual who was reasonable and not full of hate.


Then there were the people who would disagree with what I had to say but offered no evidence of their own whilst calling me a liar. The logic that the Sandroids are using is simply amazing…

ChrisSloanes1    ChrisSloanes2    ChrisSloanes3

Concerning a discussion not related to the CNN article Mr. Joe Giansante provided some good entertainment. This postal worker appears to be going postal on me.


JoeGiasante    JoeGiasante1   JoeGiansante3


Mr. Tanous had some interesting logic as well; the “1%” are keeping Africa to perform sweatshop labor yet also stopping all economic development. I’m not certain how that works, especially when countries like South Africa are ruled by the socialists in the African National Congress and communist dictators rule Zimbabwe. What’s up with progressives and thinking that their opponents base everything off of Fox News?

TaylorJamesTanous    TaylorJamesTanous1    TaylorJamesTanous2

Then there was a woman by the name of Sally Sallernio who makes some wondrous claims yet is also unable to back them up.

jordan_lubbers jordan_lubbers_1 jordan_lubbers_2

She actually argued that facts don’t matter…

Sally_salltard_3 Sally_salltard_4

I know what Comrade Sally needs in her life, a lifetime subscription to Poor Me! magazine.


That’s all for now about my conversations with the Sandroid Bernout Army. As always, don’t be scared to share this information with your fiends, I mean friends.