Possibly the worst anti-gun PSA ever

The anti-gun nuts on the left have put out a new anti-gun PSA that’s just full of good advice for your child. Obviously, it’s a great idea to take their parents’ gun, take it to school in their backpack, point it at their teacher, and then drop the gun on her desk. Such great advice from the anti-gun liberals. I wonder if the director of the video Rejina Sincic, counted how many felonies that the child would’ve performed in real life? I’m so glad that comments were allowed on the Youtube page for this video. As of this writing, 73 people gave the video a thumps up and 11,181 gave the video a thumbs down. Please keep the laughs coming Rejina Sincic, it’s really quite hilarious.

One thing I’ll never understand about liberals is how they say that they’re anti-authoritarian and cops shouldn’t be trusted, yet they still believe citizens shouldn’t be able to carry guns. I guess they always trust the government with weapons, and believe that people won’t kill without guns. Perhaps I just have gun fever. Don’t forget to watch the video, you’ll get a good laugh out of it. Don’t forget to let Rejina Sincic know how you feel either on the webpage. (EDIT: The purveyors of this video have recently made the video private such that it can’t be seen on the original page. Never fear, I’ve downloaded the MP4 of it and someone else has uploaded a new link to the video. The dumb liberals who made this video can try to hide it all they want, but they still can’t cover up their own stupidity.)

001-0801121510-gun_control 129-0205093445-australia-statistics-crime-after-gun-laws 2322842458_3fe210df55 A-SNdSWCEAElw5H Assault-weapon-courtesy-libertyzone.wordpress.com_ george-mason-gun-rights gun-control GUN-CONTROL gun-control-chart guncontrolsplash Gun-control-experts1-600x350 gun_rights-843738 gun-rights timothy-mcveigh-didnt-use-a-gun-guns-not-the-problem p90smg7954whitehousejpg just-restrict-gun-rights-democrats-not-republicans-most-crim-politics-1366852894 JFK_gunsReagan-Gun-Rights-Myths Homicide chart. edited

2 thoughts on “Possibly the worst anti-gun PSA ever”

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