The leftist solution for the economy: war, massive debt spending, and aliens

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So the videos that I’m posting of Paul Krugman are nothing new, they’ve been around for some years now. But because of the economic message many leftists/socialists continue to spread this warrants some repeating. The first video of Paul Krugman was aired back in August of 2011 on CNN. In the video Krugman argues that since stimulus debt spending isn’t up to his liking that an alien invasion should be staged to make for for a rapid rise in military spending by the Federal government to fix the ailing economy. Because if there’s one thing that the Federal Government’s not doing enough of, it’s deficit spendingRemember folks, Paul Krugman received the Nobel Peace Prize for Economics in 2008. National debt, never heard of that stupid thing! Raise taxes for the wealthiest to 70% like during the Carter years, or 90% during FDR’s time, awesome solution! That would do nothing whatsoever to hurt business competitiveness or convince the rich, especially leftists to move their wealth away right? Because if there’s anything that helps businesses out, it’s higher operating costs and taxes right? And when the dust has settled, the alien ruse is revealed, and the economy is most certainly in great shape we’ll all be able to say: “Thank you Mr. Krugman, your genius surely knows no bounds. Let me kiss your feet and be generous by giving away even more of what I own”.

Isn’t ironic that people that are supposedly “anti-war”, especially ones that received a Nobel Peace Prize, call for a massive military buildup and war? In any case, enjoy yourself and get a good laugh at the Krugman explanation for fixing the economy. While you’re at it, why not let the whole world know how you feel about Paul Krugman in the poll at the end of this post?

Krugman_ass Krugman_idiot Krugman_alien

Christine Lagard non ha la minima idea di quello che dice- 70 sciocchezze keynesiane in una sola frase

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