Did you understand Terminator Genisys?

I just finished watching Terminator Genisys and while mildly entertained was not really satisfied with the film. I think that I just watched it out of a feeling of nostalgia rather then expecting a great film. So many terminators, causality loops, a T-3000 nanite, and a lot of time machines make up this movie. It also would’ve been nice if the trailers hadn’t given away so much. I could try to continue to explain my feelings towards this film but the fine folks at Red Letter Media have done a great job of explaining the plot of this film. Hopefully, the plot of the film will be made clear to you.

I really have to wonder what the impetus behind this film and its plot was. I wonder how much of the audience is impressed by Terminator Genisys? Have any of you reading this watched Terminator Genisys?

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