Jerry Brown: Total Loser

Just a few days ago Jerry Brown’s plan to get a 50% reduction in gasoline use, as a part of Senate Bill (S.B.) 350, has been removed from the proposed legislation. The amended S.B. 350 recently passed through the Legislature which still requires that 50% of the California’s electricity come from renewable resources by 2030 along with doubling the energy efficiency of buildings by 2030. Citizen Governor Moonbeam Brown had the following to say about the passage of S.B. 350: “Taking carbon out of the modern economy requires heroic efforts and tireless struggle. SB 350, in both efficiency and renewable energy, ratchets up the California commitment,” and “We have the technological means and now we have the legal mandate to reduce carbon pollution.” At least those of us in the People’s Republic of California get to keep our cars for now.

Governor Brown wasn’t too pleased when he had to have the gasoline reduction mandate pulled from the legislation. Going to progressive websites like ThinkCommunist ThinkProgress one would think that the oil companies and agro-business are wholly responsible for the failure of S.B. 350 in its original form. Does Jerry Brown think that oil companies have bribed the Legislature?  In an article penned by ThinkProgress just before the gasoline mandate was removed the author wrote: “The bill has been receiving the largest amount of pushback, mostly from oil companies, agro-businesses and a handful of moderate Democrats“. Could it be possible that many constituents represented by “moderate Democrats” might also not be supportive of such a mandate? Some of those moderate Democrats simply question how California will reduce its gasoline use by 50% since the legislation doesn’t explain how to reach such a goal. Jerry Brown was unhappy about the removal of the gasoline mandate and vowed to move forward with just the Air Resources Board. To hell with what citizens or the Legislature want. Here’s a clip in Jerry Brown acting like a total loser:

Those living in the Central Valley, unlike those in Silicon Valley or the Bay Area, are not rich enough (on average) to buy a $100,000 perfect Tesla car. Agricultural regions rely on gasoline/diesel powered cars and trucks, not electric cars. I’d love to see an electric car try to tow well, anything would be hilarious really. Unless you’re willing to pay another $20,000 for a battery pack that loses efficiency and capacity long before an internal combustion engine does, it won’t go very far even with just a few passengers. I wonder how far an electric truck could get while towing a 20,000lb fifth wheel trailer? How many deep discharge cycles would it take to ruin the battery? It’s not as if Governor Brown cares about farmers or water storage anyway. What’s more important than water storage and desalination plants is a $60 billion+ choo-choo train that no one is demanding. Let’s here some anti-revolutionary thoughts that some thoughtcriminals are harboring about the religion of Global Warming Climate Change™ and Citizen Governor Brown:

Can you imagine how solar panels, batteries, and money would be required to run the United States off of Solar power? How much would this change if a significant portion of the automobile fleet shifted to electric vehicles? Grid stability problems and other realities don’t matter, solar and wind power will cure everything! It’ll be great as the Ivanpah solar plant that routinely generates power at 1/2 of its rated capacity.

To close this post out, let’s here some more fun rantings from the Citizen Governor:

IPCC_Warming_Predictions_Wide  CMIP5-90-models-global-Tsfc-vs-obs-thru-2013RAMclr-040815-brown-IBD-COLOR-FINAL.gif.cmsipcc-models-predict-future.png,qresize=580,P2C431.pagespeed.ce.pTwlKPz1iMMoETMdPESb

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