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Black Canyon Creek

These photos are from a trail in Arizona that’s north of Phoenix on the west side of I-17. This trail is rocky, steep, difficult, and should only be accomplished by an experienced driver. Short-wheelbase vehicles will have an advantage in this terrain. Mistakes can easily lead to rollovers on the more tippy spots. This trail is also a lot of fun, has beautiful scenery, and is one of the better trails I’ve been on. I used I-17 to reach the general area, then took Exit 244, headed north, then west on the trail from Maggie Mine Road, and turned right at the Y-intersection. Just understand that there are several ways to reach this trail. The left turn is meant for an ATV or side-by-side. If you pass a mining claim don’t steal from it, just enjoy the scenery. I hope that you like the photos, click here to look at all of them.

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