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Standing with Kaepernick

It seems that no NFL team wants to hire Colin Kaepernick these days so now two bars run by a Mr. Kenny Johnson will not air any NFL games until a team picks him up. Funny enough, these two bars are in Chicongo Chicago which has had 463 homicides this year (of which most of the victims and captured assailants are black) and has had a lot of shootings during the latest rounds of Shootapalooza these last few weeks. Why no protest for all of those innocent (and not innocent) people? Here’s what Mr. Johnson has to say about his protest: “Every bar benefits from football games…this is more about right and wrong,” and “We’ll take a hit, but be OK.” Mr. Johnson drones on further about how he’s been profiled and how worse quarterbacks than Kaepernick are currently playing in the NFL. The story really doesn’t go on much further than that but as always the comments section provides plenty of comedy. Enjoy!

Yahoo! Sports – Two Chicago bars won’t show NFL games in support of Colin Kaepernick


Consent is Simple!

Good evening comrades, today we’re going to watch some glorious feminist propaganda media material. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn from these fine videos:

  • Only men rape.
  • Only white men rape.
  • All women are innocent.
  • Sex requires explicit verbal consent from women and women only.
  • And much, much, more!

Comrades, the Yes means Yes law recently passed in the People’s Republic of California (PRC) was a good start but simply not enough progress. More innocent men must be imprisoned, social justice warrior indoctrination needs to expand, and white men must learn to hate themselves for their existence. Perhaps it’s time to have written contracts prior to any sexual or non-sexual contact with an independent witness? Perhaps we should just ban sex? I think that it’s time to start a Committee on Public Safety to figure out what to do with the evil, straight, white male.

You’ll find that numerous thoughtcriminals disagreed with the narratives presented in the video. Perhaps it’s time for the USSA to undergo a Cultural Revolution.

therironwill tremoanatehemon Capture


Mr. Potus Takeo cataclysmic

Ulrich supermolc Evans


Don’t you feel like you’ve learned quite a lot about sexual consent and social interactions? For any who disagree, feel free to report to Tolerance Camp.


I keep thinking that the social justice warriors keep hitting full retard; I need to stop that. If you want to lose some more brain cells, listen to the feminist Laci Green. It even comes with trigger warnings, just in case you don’t know how to think or deal with reality. Is this really how feminists have sex? Is this how social justice warriors interact with each other? Or are they just devoid of all humanity and genuine emotion and choose to do nothing but complain?

For further discussion on how insipid the Project Consent videos are let’s listen to the talking deer for a few minutes:


The Honor Students of Chicongo were busy today

Who remembers when Black Lies Matter protesters said "frying like bacon, pigs in a blanket"?
Who remembers when Black Lies Matter protesters said “frying like bacon, pigs in a blanket”?

The Honor Students of Chiraq Chicago were busy shutting down a Trump rally. After a large number of Bernie’s Bolsheviks and other socialist agitators continuously interrupted the Trump rally (31 of them were arrested) Trump conferred with law enforcement and called off the rally. In an interview with MSNBS he stated:

felt that it was just safer” and “Rather than having everybody get in and mix it up,” Trump said, “I thought it would be a wise thing, after speaking with law enforcement, a wise thing to postpone the rally.”

These proud Party members should walk around with this sign in Mexico and see what happens...
These proud Party members should walk around with this sign in Mexico and see what happens…

Trump also had the following to say:

They’re allowed to get up and interrupt us horribly and we have to be very, very gentle,” Trump said in response to one of nearly a dozen interruptions as he spoke at the regal Peabody Opera House. “They can swing and hit people, but if we hit them back, it’s a terrible, terrible thing, right?

I’m no fan of Trump, but I wonder what the Clinton or Sanders campaign (or its supporters) would do if Trump supporters or other political opposition did everything possible to stop their rallies? I guess that this is just how National Socialists work though. I suppose that the Honor students of just had to take their break from ventilating each other and getting lead poisoning. In fact let’s take a look at what the Honor Students have done to the great city of Chicongo:

jackasshome   junkometer    yoy

The commentary on Hey Jackass! Illustrating Chicago Values is simply amazing! Doesn’t this just make you want to move to a Workers’ Paradise like Chicongo or turn your own city into a progressive playground?

St. Patrick’s Stupidity-The fine citizens of Chicago are just letting off some steam…

Executioner-The story of Dwight Boone-Doty, an Honor Student on the upswing after committing a post-abortion on a nine year old with a handgun.

larger (1)

WTF-The story of Honor Student Allen McDowell and how he’s turning his life around after raping a man with cerebral palsy.

Pan Violence-The story of how pre-euthenasia was applied to a man (by among other people, Shatrara Lehman) and why we need strict pan control laws. If you’re not a professional chef, you don’t need a high capacity 12″ assault pan.

Year in Review-A good explanation on how even though there were more homicides crime went down and strategies were working in 2015.

Borrowed from somewhere else:

Thugcago, Thugcago that violent town
Thugcago, Thugcago, they’ll shut you all down.
Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose your free speech in Thugcago,
Thugcago, the town that Soros could shut down.

On State Street, that great street
They protest away
They do things the old Stalinist way

They take a life, and hatred is rife,
I saw a protestor creating strife
In Thugcago, another Dem. town…”

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Today’s Thoughtcriminal: Milo Yiannopoulos


If you haven’t heard, thoughtcriminal Milo Yiannopoulos triggered some “intersectional” feminists at Rutgers University. The evil, wretched Milo was arguing in favor in free speech so some proud Party members (feminists in this case) decided to smear fake blood on their face and scream at Milo instead of listening to him and attempt a rational conversation. Watch as these specially trained social justice warriors expound and explain their ideals.; this video footage is simply amazing. As always, don’t be scared to share this with your friends. Enjoy!

Breitbart-Rutgers Students Hold Group Therapy Session After Milo Yiannopoulos Visit

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It feels good to be a Clinton

It’s time to make another post bashing Shillary instead of Bernie and his Bernouts. Today’s political advertising is from the Ted Cruz campaign. Being a Clinton means never having to admit that you are contradicting your previous policy positions (TPP, homosexual marriage, war in Iraq, etc.), right? It’s also good to be a Clinton since you give away state secrets to random people and take your Top Secret/ Secret Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI among other classifications) and put it on your home server.

Since Shillary is a Party member and not one of those lowly peons she doesn’t deserve ten or more years jail time. The issue of losing sensitive documents, being investigated by the FBI, and possibly getting indicted is not worthy of discussing at Democratic Presidential debates either. Seriously, why isn’t Bernie using this? Perhaps he’s just that much of a beta-male?

Obviously, there is a vast right-wing conspiracy behind the FBI investigation into Clinton.

Navy Times-Sailor faces charges for submarine photos on cell phone

Business Insider-The FBI is reportedly expanding its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server

Powerline Blog-Debate This!

Powerline Blog-Fallon’s fallacies, cont’d



Is air conditioning sexist?


Greetings comrades, tonight we will be exploring a new frontier in social justice: air conditioning. Let’s listen to Comrade Sanghani break it down for us:

Now let’s take a look at what the Communist News Network has to say concerning this issue:

All feminists need to create a most equal society is more power and most importantly, more money. You may not have known before that air conditioning is sexist but now you do. Perhaps a more important question is: what isn’t sexist? What new boundaries will social justice push? What new slights and insults will be discovered? Perhaps gay men are sexist for not wanting to have sex with women? Subscribe to Poor Me! magazine to find out!

Poor_Me_Magazine_Issue_2_Zakaria   Poor_Me_Magazine_Issue_1


These thoughtcriminals dared to scoff at the valiant feminists in the videos. Off to the gulag with them!

JessicaJones MarkNardone



Honestly, how is one supposed to satirize such a story? What could I add to make feminism seem any more ridiculous? I could always identify actual restrictions of liberty and persecution for them. How about Iran, where it is a matter of national policy to follow Sharia and execute homosexuals? We could look at South Africa, where one in four men admit to committing rape? I guess that it’s the white man’s fault that Iran executes homosexuals. Based upon one of the Puffington Host articles I found about South Africa that’s what progressives seem to be doing:

The South African Constitution is arguable one of the most progressive constitutions in the world, for innumerable reasons, but for the purposes of this blog post, I want to focus on the fact that Section 9, Subsection 3 specifically prohibits discrimination against people on the basis of their sexual orientation.

What is it with progressives and thinking that a piece of paper alone does anything? If no one believes in it, the piece of paper does not matter.

The problem, though, is that there seems to be a gap in South Africa between the legal realm and the sociocultural realm. And in this gap appears the phenomenon known as ‘corrective’ rape. Corrective rape is a phenomenon wherein a homosexual person is raped as a means of ‘correcting’ their sexual orientation. In most cases, the victims are black lesbians. This phenomenon takes place in other countries as well, but for the purposes of this post I’m focusing on South Africa.

So this has to do with Zulu and Xhosa culture right?

In South Africa most cases of corrective rape are against black lesbians, and I’m going to analyze this phenomenon in the context of a post-apartheid South Africa deeply embedded in a culture of heteronormativity. I read a very enlightening article by Megan Morrissey in the journal Womyn’s Studies in Communication, which talks about the discourse among black South Africans around corrective rape. In the article Morrissey discusses the common argument from black Africans that the practice of homosexuality is un-African, something brought about during colonization.

Did “heteronormativity” not exist in South Africa before some Dutch settlers founded Cape Town? Didn’t take long to blame the white man for what other people do. The Boer Republics that existed in the 19th century occupied completely different lands than the Zulu and Xhosa kingdoms occupied anyway. Based upon what the author is writing it seems like this phenomenon has happened before. Oh yeah, and the author uses “womyn” instead of women.

Many people quoted and interviewed in the article state that homosexuality is exclusive to the white man and his culture. By distancing black African culture from homosexuality, these people marginalize black gay Africans from their own culture. There is a further alienation of black lesbians, who would only be allowed back into the larger culture if their non-normative sexual orientation changed. So men subject these womyn to corrective rape as a ‘rite of passage’ back into the culture, because they believe that this act would force these womyn to ‘submit,’ become heterosexual, and assume their ‘proper’ role in society.

Even though the crime is being committed by someone else, the evil white man is to blame for someone else’s culture.

In South Africa, homosexuality is associated with white culture, and because of the years of apartheid rule, there exist tensions between black and white cultures in South Africa. Homophobia and violence, in the form of corrective rape, is a means to marginalize the white culture and regain a nationalistic identity that they believe was stolen from them due to years of colonization and apartheid.

Corrective rape is thus, on a very general level, a post-colonial and post-apartheid reaction to the white culture in South Africa. This explanation does not excuse their actions, but is does trace the violence back to the source. The question is: What next? The reason that corrective rape has persisted is that there has been a cultural, social, and even legal normalization and acceptance of the practice.

So, black South Africans are doing what they did before the British Empire pushed the Boer Republics and black African nations together in the same country? This is the fault of the Dutch, Boer Republics, and British? Amazing logic.

There needs to be a cultural and social resocialization and subsequent normalization of homosexuality in South Africa, and the first step toward ensuring that the citizens accept non-normative sexuality is to show that the state supports it. To do that, the state needs to provide legal and political recourse for victims and survivors of corrective rape in South Africa.

So South Africa needs to undergo “resocialization” does it? I thought that progressives believed that “indigenous” cultures should be left alone? The author, Ms. Okafor, doesn’t seem to realize that politics follows culture. Ms. Okafor might not also realize that reality doesn’t work like McMaster University. South Africa is a crime-ridden hellhole, and that’s probably not changing anytime soon.

The Guardian-Iran executes three men

Time-South Africa’s Rape Crisis: 1 in 4 Men Say They’ve Done It

Huffington Post-‘Corrective’ Rape in South Africa: Targeted Violence of Homsexual Womyn

What lives matter? (part 2)

The progressives really seem to be eating their own lately. The Black Lives Matters group first protested against Bernie Sanders at a Nutroots convention. At least at this venue, Sanders didn’t just immediately back down and there were a relatively large number of agitators. At a more recent gathering in Seattle, a mob of three people was able to get Sanders to shut up and walk off the stage. Bernie didn’t even try to defend himself this time, he just kind of disappeared. I wonder if the upcoming DNC Convention will be like the one that occurred during 1968 in Chicago? I can’t wait to see what it will be like.

Bernie clearly showed a fine display of Presidential actions. Remember everyone, it’s OK to state that “black lives matter” and furthermore encouraged by the Party. Stating that all lives matter, and the bigger transgression of stating that white lives matter, is clearly a progressive sin. Obviously, only black lives matter.

What a silly thought…


What lives matter?

I’m sure that all of you heard about how Freddie Gray received spinal cord injuries during transit with the Baltimore Police Deparment and died shortly thereafter. There were national protests, calls for “reform” (Sometimes defined nebulously, but what good comrade would oppose reform?), numerous news stories, and a lot of outrage. Months ago celebrities like Beyoncé (among many others) were urging fans to support Baltimore. Chris Rock made claims that he won’t stop seeing black kids being shot by police officers whilst white kids always go unscathed. I’m not sure what Chris Rock is basing such a statement upon though. The six police officers involved in the Freddie Gray case are being prosecuted to calm the proles down, though many of the officers are being overcharged and will get out of many of the charges against them.

It’s been a few months now and there has been a massive crime spike in Baltimore. The city of Baltimore has created a “War Room” to coordinate the recent crime wave. The Baltimore police commissioner was sacked by mayor Blake in response to the crime wave, though by that logic the mayor should be resigning and is more responsible for failing the city. Where does the buck stop in Baltimore anyway?

I wonder if any of the celebrities that called on their fans to support Baltimore will use their own cash to help out? How many will help the citizens of Baltimore get jobs? How many will try to bring business back to the city? Will they help clean up the streets? Will they help homeowners with all of the equity they lost in their homes? Would they be so vocal about black on black crime? Would they do anything to help innocent black citizens protect themselves against criminals? I guess some Twitter hashtags, phony outrage, and putting up bail for rioters are enough for Beyoncé and her ilk. Perhaps such progressives will continue cite incarceration rates for blacks and assume causation with a few correlations?

This entire video is worth watching, but I’ve embedded the video starting at 8:20. I believe that this man sums up the situation pretty well.

Never forget, in accordance with Party doctrine the police are racist and out to kill minorities yet individual citizens cannot be trusted with firearms.

Yahoo News!-Baltimore killings soar to a level unseen in 43 years

Humility, Limousine Liberals, Crime, North Korean technology, and why Twilight sucks





You might be asking why I’m making fun of Twilight? It’s really pretty simple, at least I think so anyway. Stephanie Meyer created one of the worst book series of all time. The Twilight series has given books and literature in general a bad name leaving only one way to rectify the situation: force all Twilight fans to watch Blade, or the Hellsing OVA if you’re into Anime. The films were equally horrible and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Just look at the poor  IMBD(5.2/10) or Rotten Tomatoes(5.4/10) ratings. I refused to subject myself to watching all four films, or even all of one for that matter. Here’s an even bigger question, why can’t Kirsten Stewart close her mouth or act as something other than sad or depressing?

However, the folks at Screen Junkies have suffered through all of the films many times to point out all of the absurdities and flaws of the film for our entertainment. Also for our sanity, I just can’t comprehend how some people can stand such poor acting, dialogue, or plots. For anyone who’s interested, all four Honest Trailers are attached at the end of this post. I assure you that you’ll get plenty of good laughs and numerous faults to point out to your friends that inexplicably enjoy the Twilight franchise. Enjoy! (EDIT: Here’s over 100 reasons that the Twilight book series is complete and total garbage.)

blade_vs_edward_cullen_by_sarah_93_yin_yang-d4j0hzb 55a50fb8c1cad5a20053fcec5d108b9e polls_TwilightSUCKS_1625_864074_poll_xlarge

alucard_vs_edward_by_yamiwolfofdarkness-d56fubb realvamp-9994554142 blade-twilight pixar-is-better-than-twilight

Round One, Fight! Enjoy love expressed by stares.

Round Two, Twilight still sucks. Watch the forced love triangle.

The third attempt that still failed. This time, there’s even more three-way stares!

Arm yourself for the fourth and then final film. In this one, they finally have sex!