Safe spaces at the University of Pennsylvania

Continuing on from my last post concerning Safe Spaces we’re going to take a look at the Safe Spaces that are provided at the University of Pennsylvania. Let’s take a look at how progressives are accelerating the Balkanization of the United States:

Remember folks, it’s racist for “white” people to form any similar association.

This man could go to his Safe Space and continue to not critically think about differing opinions. Don't you want to be just like him?
This man could go to his Safe Space and continue to not critically think about differing opinions. Don’t you want to be just like him?

Who’s allowed in your safe space? More importantly, who’s not allowed in your safe space? Obviously, critical thinking is not allowed on safe spaces at Mizzou.

FemSoc (not satire) approves of this progressive message!


Remember, you don’t have the right to take photos in a public space according to progressives. The First Amendment (and the Constitution in general) is not important to progressives. Freedom and liberty do not matter, just you giving up your money for their demands. I’ll respect their space, with a sledgehammer…

Here are some quotable quotes:

I know that you better back up…

My name is ConcernedStudent1950…

I’m gonna call the police on you…

I need some muscle over here!


I think that I’ll declare February to be German History Month. Who’s with me?


2 thoughts on “Safe spaces at the University of Pennsylvania”

  1. Right so the way to solve all of this un-Political Correctness, for lack of a better term, is to create culturally specific organizations and have them cater to their specific culture, thus ensuring a cycle of endless segregation? I mean if the Latino girl in the video always goes to the Latino safe space then is anything really being done here? Or are we just creating false, mono-ethnic communities within already cultural challenged communities. Also, the whole idea of not confronting your problems and retreating to a safe space is ludicrous. Confront your problems; it works out better for everyone that way. All I can think about is the South Park song “Safe Space”. Bully – proof windooooooooows!

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    1. Looks like you need some Common Core re-education comrade. Don’t question the sensitive young minds of those college students and give them all the free stuff that they’re demanding. It’s amazing how the the “Safe Space” song could be so easily dubbed over the footage from Mizzou.


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