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Got White Guilt?


Are you a white, self-loathing, social justice retard? Then there’s good news comrade: for the low, low, starting price of $25 you can buy yourself some boxes of white guilt! In it you will receive instructions on topics from Black Lies Matter advocates such as: how you should give more money to black people for their very existence, why you should hate yourself, and how to better submit to the gods of social justice. Isn’t this just wonderful comrades? Not only will you be lighting your money on fire buying these dishonorable women new cars , but you’ll also be helping out the many causes of SOCJUS and help its many leeches who can’t find other jobs most renowned advocates. BUY NOW!

And if these women look familiar, well…

f_os_sandersblack_150808   2b37391800000578-3194553-image-m-39_1439346427324

I wonder if this woman would consider herself bulletproof in Chicongo?


Social Justice Warrior demand and human “right” #267: Racial Profiling

Good afternoon comrades, today we’re going to go over yet another glorious social justice warrior demand: racial profiling. That’s right folks, social justice warriors are no demanding that you be able to correctly identify their exact race just by glancing at them. Nothing is more important to these young Party members than racial identification and a “sense of belonging” to a certain racial group. Simply talking with people as individual people instead of a collective is not possible for social justice warriors.

Never forget folks, we need to become a society that moves past race multicultural polycultural society. No matter what, Party members must always find a way to use the Race Card© and other non-arguments like “whitesplaining” and “mansplaining” to any who would dare oppose a progressive utopia.

Watch as this thoughtcriminal attempts to use logic and reason against valiant social justice warriors. Why doesn’t this wretched fiend Undoomed understand that logic and reason are the ideals of some dead, white males? Perhaps he needs a daily two minutes of hate?

Powerline Blog-Long Live the King

Safe spaces at the University of Pennsylvania

Continuing on from my last post concerning Safe Spaces we’re going to take a look at the Safe Spaces that are provided at the University of Pennsylvania. Let’s take a look at how progressives are accelerating the Balkanization of the United States:

Remember folks, it’s racist for “white” people to form any similar association.

This man could go to his Safe Space and continue to not critically think about differing opinions. Don't you want to be just like him?
This man could go to his Safe Space and continue to not critically think about differing opinions. Don’t you want to be just like him?

Who’s allowed in your safe space? More importantly, who’s not allowed in your safe space? Obviously, critical thinking is not allowed on safe spaces at Mizzou.

FemSoc (not satire) approves of this progressive message!


Remember, you don’t have the right to take photos in a public space according to progressives. The First Amendment (and the Constitution in general) is not important to progressives. Freedom and liberty do not matter, just you giving up your money for their demands. I’ll respect their space, with a sledgehammer…

Here are some quotable quotes:

I know that you better back up…

My name is ConcernedStudent1950…

I’m gonna call the police on you…

I need some muscle over here!


I think that I’ll declare February to be German History Month. Who’s with me?


The Hate Crime Hoax database for the U.S.A.

Have you ever wondered how many of the hate-crimes you’ve heard about are a hoax? Are you tired of hearing your progressives friends claim that you can’t claim “all lives matter“? A website that I recently stumbled across is fakehatecrimes.org, a database of hate crimes that were proven to be fake and often times self-inflicted. Let’s take a gander at some of the supposed thoughtcrimes committed:

NBC Bay Area-East Palo Alto Man Arrested for Falsely Reporting Hate Crime:

Over the summer, 19-year-old Jesus Cabrera told police he was verbally harassed by three white men, authorities said. He said the men made disparaging remarks about his ethnicity, and police in turn investigated the incident as a hate crime. He was arrested Friday after police say he admitted to making up the story.

Police say Cabrera now claims he was stabbed by a rival graffiti crew in East Palo Alto while he was tagging a bridge overpass.

Cabrera has been charged with falsely reporting a crime, a misdemeanor.


Washington Post-Suspect in Houston mosque fire claims to have prayed there five times a day, police say:

The man accused of starting it is not an outsider, but a well-known member of the congregation.

According to charging documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle, 37-year-old Gary Nathaniel Moore, a Houston resident, told investigators that he had attended Savoy Masjid for the past five years.

Moore was not a periodic attendee, but someone who came to the mosque five times each day, seven days a week.


CBS SF Bay Area-Hercules Transgender Teen Admits Making Up Story Of Bathroom Sexual Assault:

A transgender student at Hercules High School who reported being sexually assaulted in a school bathroom has admitted to making the story up, according to police.

Hercules Police said investigators were not able to substantiate the unidentified student’s claims, including the time frame of the incident and the lack of any injuries or marks on the student’s body.

The unidentified student, born as a female but identifies as male, admitted Tuesday to fabricating the entire story.

Investigators said Tuesday they are looking into possibly pursuing charges against the teen.

West Contra Costa Unified School District Board of Education President Charles Ramsey responded to news of the false claim Tuesday by saying he was ‘relieved it didn’t happen.’

‘Yes, it is a cry for help and we need to be supportive and compassionate and reach out. This child is just 15-years-old,’ Ramsey told KPIX 5. ‘We have to find out what’s going on in the home, what’s going on in their neighborhood, what’s going on with the fact that you are transgender. Are they suffering bullying? Was this a cry for help? We don’t want to minimize that.’

What if the people who had supposedly attacked him were crying out for help? What could’ve been going on in their home? I bet Ramsey wouldn’t have been interested in minimizing charges if the assailants were real. I can’t get enough of the progressive version of justice, can you?


There are many more listings on fakehatecrimes.org which currently has 216 different incidents on it. I wonder how many innocent people have been convicted of thoughtcrime that they didn’t commit? As always, share my posts with your progressive friends.



What lives matter? (part 2)

The progressives really seem to be eating their own lately. The Black Lives Matters group first protested against Bernie Sanders at a Nutroots convention. At least at this venue, Sanders didn’t just immediately back down and there were a relatively large number of agitators. At a more recent gathering in Seattle, a mob of three people was able to get Sanders to shut up and walk off the stage. Bernie didn’t even try to defend himself this time, he just kind of disappeared. I wonder if the upcoming DNC Convention will be like the one that occurred during 1968 in Chicago? I can’t wait to see what it will be like.

Bernie clearly showed a fine display of Presidential actions. Remember everyone, it’s OK to state that “black lives matter” and furthermore encouraged by the Party. Stating that all lives matter, and the bigger transgression of stating that white lives matter, is clearly a progressive sin. Obviously, only black lives matter.

What a silly thought…


What’s Martin O’ Malley sorry about?

Hopeful Democratic nominee for President Martin O’ Malley is sorry that he said “all lives matter” and now realizes that such a statement is unacceptable to the Democratic Party. Comrade O’ Malley has come to the realization that all lives do not matter, only the ones the Party deems appropriate or important. O’ Malley now realizes that it’s only OK to state that black lives matter, but specifically regarding interactions with law enforcement and problems caused by “society”.  Any mention of all the murders going on in Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore that are not committed by police or white people are not important.

Every good comrade knows (especially when going to a Nutroots convention) that all comments to the about the Party must promote racial division for the glory of the Party and that it’s really it’s the votes that matter. Anyone who disagrees with the Party narrative is a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, and deserves to be smeared. It’s not like O’ Malley had a chance against Shillary Billary Chillary Hillary and Sanders anyway.

For those comrades reading this who happen to be white, feel free to grovel and apologize for your existence.

OMalley_All_Lives_Matter White_People_Deserve_MTV

Yahoo! News- O’ Malley apologizes for telling protestors “all lives matter”

This loyal Party servants gets it!


This comment must have been made by a “clown in blackface“.


Evil, sexist, bigoted, and greedy white people think that their opinions, let alone all lives matter.

malley2 malley

Everything wrong with feminism in eight minutes or less

The title of this post pretty much speaks for itself, but it is rather interesting to listen to how feminists talk about feminism. The feminists in this video make some interesting arguments, like if half of the population believes in something (as if feminists speak for all women) then it must be true. I suppose that I’m just a privileged, White-Hispanic (WHISP), oppressive, evil male who must be wrong. In either case, enjoy the video.

Universal voting, #Race Together, and the flowchart of oppression and guilt

Have you heard about how some progressives are calling for the government to force all U.S. citizens to vote to “counteract money”? As I’ve pointed out, progressives only have a problem with money in politics if it’s from someone who holds an opposing viewpoint. I suppose that forcing people to do things is all the rage these days, so who cares about the first amendment?


You may have read about Starbucks and their #Race Together campaign recently. This is where the management of Starbucks is encouraging their baristas to write #Race Together on the cups of their customers to facilitate a discussion on race. The management of Starbucks is so interested in race conversations, that the Senior VP of Global Communications deleted his Twitter account after people asked some questions.

RAMclr-032115-starbucks-IBD-COLOR-FINAL-oped-147.gif.cms_.gif,qresize=580,P2C420.pagespeed.ce.rizM1bX4M80ngNiyMMHl sk031915dAPC CAfQ3RDUsAAo-kx.jpg:large

Comments from the Yahoo! News article:

racetogether racetogether1 racetogether2

This last picture is a simple, easy to use explanation on how you may be oppressing others. Just accept your guilt already and admit that only white people have had slaves or empires.


Another cis-gendered, privileged white male being a xenophobic racist:

The “Palestine” quiz, healthcare sales, and the mainstream media skin color system

I’m curious as to what a Hamas supporter would answer the quiz questions with.

Palestine  palestine-never-existed-stamped-on-flag CALC-McWgAAHtDZ.jpg:large

I know that this is nothing new, but how would you sell government-mandated healthcare?

PajamaBoy_OFA_Rachel_Maddow 28103 28092 28088 2u5zyqe

Considering that much of the media can’t stop bringing race into every single crime that they can, this feels pretty pertinent.


That’s all for now, I hope that you enjoyed the photos!

“They’re shakedown artists to me…”

What does Al Sharpton mean to you? Is he the kind, caring, warrior for justice he claims to be? Perhaps to you he’s a charlatan that’s incited race riots for cash? In this post we’ll have some videos that show people who have worked closely with Al Sharpton and his National Action Network to see what they think of him. As is usual, be sure to share these videos with all of your fiends, I mean friends.

What say you, is the following video too heavily edited and dishonest? Or is it just getting people to say what they honestly believe?

Using hate to achieve “racial justice”.

Racist rants are acceptable, as long as it was only one Jew apparently.

Watch this video to the end. What do you think?