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The Rainbow Nation

I don’t feel much of a need to elaborate on this video about South Africa. It’s interesting that even if you’re logged onto your Google account YouTube still asks if you want to view the video (and will not allow you to share it).

Here’s a random smattering of news articles:

The Indian Express-Nigeria urges African Union to intervene over ‘South Africa killings’

The Telegraph-Zimbabwe refugees flee South Africa as violence erupts

Euronews-Violence erupts between locals and migrants in South Africa

Here’s some brilliant analysis by the CBC on why there are no big problems in South Africa except for white people being racist and imperialistic:

CBC-Trump spread a racially divisive theory on South African land violence this week. Here’s what he got wrong


Social Justice Warrior demand and human “right” #267: Racial Profiling

Good afternoon comrades, today we’re going to go over yet another glorious social justice warrior demand: racial profiling. That’s right folks, social justice warriors are no demanding that you be able to correctly identify their exact race just by glancing at them. Nothing is more important to these young Party members than racial identification and a “sense of belonging” to a certain racial group. Simply talking with people as individual people instead of a collective is not possible for social justice warriors.

Never forget folks, we need to become a society that moves past race multicultural polycultural society. No matter what, Party members must always find a way to use the Race Card© and other non-arguments like “whitesplaining” and “mansplaining” to any who would dare oppose a progressive utopia.

Watch as this thoughtcriminal attempts to use logic and reason against valiant social justice warriors. Why doesn’t this wretched fiend Undoomed understand that logic and reason are the ideals of some dead, white males? Perhaps he needs a daily two minutes of hate?

Powerline Blog-Long Live the King

Safe spaces at the University of Pennsylvania

Continuing on from my last post concerning Safe Spaces we’re going to take a look at the Safe Spaces that are provided at the University of Pennsylvania. Let’s take a look at how progressives are accelerating the Balkanization of the United States:

Remember folks, it’s racist for “white” people to form any similar association.

This man could go to his Safe Space and continue to not critically think about differing opinions. Don't you want to be just like him?
This man could go to his Safe Space and continue to not critically think about differing opinions. Don’t you want to be just like him?

Who’s allowed in your safe space? More importantly, who’s not allowed in your safe space? Obviously, critical thinking is not allowed on safe spaces at Mizzou.

FemSoc (not satire) approves of this progressive message!


Remember, you don’t have the right to take photos in a public space according to progressives. The First Amendment (and the Constitution in general) is not important to progressives. Freedom and liberty do not matter, just you giving up your money for their demands. I’ll respect their space, with a sledgehammer…

Here are some quotable quotes:

I know that you better back up…

My name is ConcernedStudent1950…

I’m gonna call the police on you…

I need some muscle over here!


I think that I’ll declare February to be German History Month. Who’s with me?


What’s Martin O’ Malley sorry about?

Hopeful Democratic nominee for President Martin O’ Malley is sorry that he said “all lives matter” and now realizes that such a statement is unacceptable to the Democratic Party. Comrade O’ Malley has come to the realization that all lives do not matter, only the ones the Party deems appropriate or important. O’ Malley now realizes that it’s only OK to state that black lives matter, but specifically regarding interactions with law enforcement and problems caused by “society”.  Any mention of all the murders going on in Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore that are not committed by police or white people are not important.

Every good comrade knows (especially when going to a Nutroots convention) that all comments to the about the Party must promote racial division for the glory of the Party and that it’s really it’s the votes that matter. Anyone who disagrees with the Party narrative is a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, and deserves to be smeared. It’s not like O’ Malley had a chance against Shillary Billary Chillary Hillary and Sanders anyway.

For those comrades reading this who happen to be white, feel free to grovel and apologize for your existence.

OMalley_All_Lives_Matter White_People_Deserve_MTV

Yahoo! News- O’ Malley apologizes for telling protestors “all lives matter”

This loyal Party servants gets it!


This comment must have been made by a “clown in blackface“.


Evil, sexist, bigoted, and greedy white people think that their opinions, let alone all lives matter.

malley2 malley

Al Sharpton found a new source of racism, The Oscar Awards!

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Maybe Al Sharpton was having a slow day, perhaps all of the world’s other problems are solved or more likely he just needed someone else to shakedown. Charlatan, er uh, Reverend Al Sharpton is calling for an emergency meeting to discuss the “appalling” Oscar nominations because this year, no black people were nominated. Sharpton quipped that “The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher you get, the whiter it gets”. Even though The Oscars’ president Cheryl Isaacs is black, she’s a racist that has considerable trouble recognizing diversity. I wonder, what exactly does Al Sharpton intend to promulgate at this meeting? How to make money of this perceived slight, how to get people fired, how to talk to a teleprompter or just how to be a racist in general. Al Sharpton would never ever be racist himself right? Perpetuating a false rape case or anti-Semitic riots would be beneath him.

Obviously, Cheryl Isaacs is a racist pig who profits off the suffering of others.
Obviously, Cheryl Isaacs is a racist pig who profits off the suffering of others.

I’m sure that Sharpton has a great solution, and I’m not talking about another way for him to make even more money and add on to his $4.5 million in back taxes. I can see it now, affirmative action for The Oscars. They’ll be awards specifically for homosexuals, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics and award for Al Sharpton himself every year (No better way to avoid lawsuits and protests). Who cares about real talent, nothing but race matters and you’re a cis, racist and evil white man if you believe otherwise. If you don’t happen to be a white man, you must be a “race-traitor” and obviously aren’t thinking left, I mean straight.


Al Sharpton shall surely bring more laughs for years to come. It seems as though Al Sharpton will also be able to make money off of the suffering and anguish of others sadly enough, for quite a long time. Perhaps one day he’ll stop being such a racist agitator but then again, I might also see pigs grow wings and fly into outer space. Maybe I’ll get sued by the National Action Network (NAN) just for typing this up? As with many of the links from Yahoo! I post up, don’t forget to read the comments. I hope that you all enjoy the photos!

Yahoo! Finance-Al Sharpton Calls For Emergency Meeting To Address “Appalling” All-White Oscar Nominees

Business Insider-Twitter Had An Incredible Reaction To This Year’s All-White Oscar Nominees

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