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What’s your CNN meme?

By now you have all heard about how the Communist Cable News Network took the time to find a Reddit user who made a meme about their network as it continues to lose ratings. Isn’t great that the Counterfeit News Network is taking time to research important topics and turn the screws on people who make jokes about them? I wonder if their skin can get any thinner? Here are the results of some simple Google and YouTube searches. Enjoy and be sure to share these photos with your friends!







I wonder if CNN actually found the meme creator? What if they just made this entire story up? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve done this.

How Fast Can Social Justice Warriors Run?

Why do social justice retards think that some small tires or a couple of people can stop cars and trucks? Why do they think that it’s OK to randomly block Interstates? Do they realize how much momentum a 2500kg truck has at 100 km/h? Do they think that cars can instantly stop? What do they expect to happen when they start jumping on someone’s car?

It seems that this video has been removed by the social justice warriors  at YouTube. Oh well, here’s another one:

Democrats: They give a shit about people

The Democratic National Committee has come out with a great new slogan for a t-shirt: “Democrats give a sh*t about people.” I’m not certain what the purpose of censoring one letter from shit was, all that does is make people think about the word even more. I suppose that Democrat politicians and their crazy base are pretty vulgar and violent people, in spite of how much they bemoan Trump for his supposed incivility. The Black Lies Matter, Antifa, and other various social justice warriors are barbarians, but at least they’re not hiding behind much anymore. I could take a lot of different paths to show that the Democrats don’t give a shit about anything except power, but here are some short videos to show the barbarism that Obama, Tom Perez (current Chairman of the DNC), and other progressives support:

Gateway Pundit -Antifa Terrorist Who Beat Trump Supporter in Head WITH BIKE LOCK Identified as Local Professor! (VIDEO)

How fitting:


Progressives continue to bend reality even further in their quest to destroy civilization as any sane person would recognize it. We’ve all heard about the liar Rachel Dolezal by now, but what’s sad is that so many in the left-wing mainstream media continue to give this woman a massive platform to perpetuate her lies and fantasies. She should find her place in the crazy house.

I dressed up once as dracula for Halloween, I don’t tell people I was born in a coffin.

The Counterfeit News Network goes further into the depths of madness…

“Mediocre Negros”

A little over a week ago the progressive liberals on the Communist News Network got together for one of their panels and Marc Lamont Hill decided to refer to any black man who would dare speak with President Trump as a “mediocre negro.” It really is amazing how patronizing the Democrats can be: shut up and listen to your betters! The Democrat coalition is starting to crack up and it seems that there’s no way it can be stopped. There are too many competing interest groups/constituencies and too little to unify it. Well that, and the Democrat Party is declaring some sort of war against white people and going full-on communist. Trump has driven the Democrats over the precipice into full insanity.

I wonder if Sally talked to this “person of color”? I wonder how this conversation would go? I wonder if Sally would willingly walk through progressive cities like Chicongo or Oakland?

The Oreos are a nice touch.

What would progressives say if a Republican used the term “mediocre negro”?

Social experiments in the military


I suppose that this isn’t really news, but once Obama and his fellow progressives leave their positions of power the social experimentation and constant droning and General Military Training (GMT) about: hyphenated-American history months, sexual assault, and feminist propaganda might finally slow down some. This lunacy about focusing on topics like not having “enough women in the Navy or Marine Corps” (I wonder what Ray Mabus thinks that the right proportion is) rather than war-fighting may finally be at its end. Perhaps the Great Green Scheme Fleet waste of money will come to an end as well. Hell, we might stop trading Islamic warriors and terrorists for traitors!


Trump Pentagon likely to abandon social experiments for core mission under Mattis, say experts – Fox News


Got White Guilt?


Are you a white, self-loathing, social justice retard? Then there’s good news comrade: for the low, low, starting price of $25 you can buy yourself some boxes of white guilt! In it you will receive instructions on topics from Black Lies Matter advocates such as: how you should give more money to black people for their very existence, why you should hate yourself, and how to better submit to the gods of social justice. Isn’t this just wonderful comrades? Not only will you be lighting your money on fire buying these dishonorable women new cars , but you’ll also be helping out the many causes of SOCJUS and help its many leeches who can’t find other jobs most renowned advocates. BUY NOW!

And if these women look familiar, well…

f_os_sandersblack_150808   2b37391800000578-3194553-image-m-39_1439346427324

I wonder if this woman would consider herself bulletproof in Chicongo?


The Milwaukee Honor Students have been busy


It’s an old story: an armed black criminal gets shot by a cop (who is black) and then the riots started. The fun never ends in Milwaukee: the Black Power chants, destroying black businesses, burning black neighborhoods, beating up white people, and so many more Party approved activities were performed by the Honor Students. Here’s a story from Reuters on the riots entitled: Officer’s shooting of suspect that sparked Milwaukee riot appears lawful: police. Let’s take a look at the article:

A Milwaukee policeman whose fatal shooting of a suspect sparked overnight rioting in the U.S. Midwestern city appeared to have acted lawfully after the man turned toward him with a gun in his hand, Police Chief Edward Flynn said on Sunday.

All proud Party members know that local law enforcement can’t be trusted. Only cops under the direction of Loretta Lynch can be trusted.

In a scene Mayor Tom Barrett described as ‘unlike anything I have seen in my adult life in this city,’ crowds gathered after the shooting and then turned violent during the night in the city’s Sherman Park neighborhood.

Gunshots were fired, six businesses were destroyed by fire and police cars damaged before calm was restored in the neighborhood, which has a reputation for poverty and crime.

I feel like the mayor is lying. Is this what empowerment under Democratic rule looks like?

Flynn, appearing at a news conference with Barrett, said the officer who fired the fatal shot was black and media reports also identified Smith as black.

He said a silent video of the incident appeared to show the officer acting within lawful bounds in shooting Smith. Flynn said the video from the officer’s body camera showed Smith turning toward the officer with a gun in his hand.

Obviously, the cop is supposed to just let himself get shot.

Smith had a lengthy arrest record, Barrett said, and officials said earlier he was carrying a stolen handgun loaded with 23 rounds of ammunition when stopped for unspecified ‘suspicious activity.’

I thought that progressives wanted guns off of the streets?

Police violence against black men and women has set off intermittent, sometimes violent protests in U.S. cities including Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, New York, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and St. Anthony, Minnesota, in the past two years.

The outrage has given rise to the Black Lives Matter movement and touched off a national debate over race and policing in the United States.

Can’t get enough of hearing about the Thug Lives Matter movement.

Here are some of the best unfiltered moments from the riots in Milwaukee:

There are so many brutal stories that get ignored by large media companies. Here’s a few examples of what gets covered up:

And if you’re interested in losing some brain cells, you can listen to The Young Turds try to spin the story:

The Young Turds received little love for their idiotic video:

monkeytheories josefranco

The leaders of Milwaukee are pathetic; who’s been running Milwaukee for the last hundred years? I’ll give you a hint, Republicans have had almost no place in city government for the last hundred years.

Reading some of the comments with the name and photo of the officer involved is simply astounding. Life is hard. It’s even harder when you’re a base animal…

Lillretard Jeanettemoron fuckingbarbarians hughesretard  Tezobarbarian Tommy stupiddexter  lovelyretard Joseph

Feminist Ghostbusters

Why is it that progressives can’t just have fun? Why can’t they just leave good movies alone? Why must everything they do be for the Church of Feminism? Why does the Ghostbusters film need to be redone for the purposes of political propaganda?

Quote of the year: “Retards gonna retard.” Don’t forget cis scum, you aren’t allowed to have opinions that contradict what feminists believe in.

Don’t bother trying to find the original video and looking at how this woman dealt with the comments:


Why did Sony have to politicize this movie?

Who’s right, the critics or the general public? Who’s not scared of being called a misogynist? The “critics consensus” sounds like bullshit to me… perhaps I’ll watch a copy I found using BitTorrent.


Feminism VS a child

I was going to write a a different sort of post today but just couldn’t resist sharing a video of a feminist losing to a twelve year old kid. I wonder what the limits of a social justice warriors intellect are? Perhaps a ten year old could best them? An eight year old? Perhaps feminists could come up with coherent arguments against a toddler?

Here’s the young man’s original video:

One of the best comments on the preceding video:


The very aptly named video made by a complete and total loser and social justice warrior (i.e. retard):

The guy even admits that he cannot come up with reasons to oppose the points that the kid comes up with. I guess men representing over 90% of workplace fatalities represents male privilege? Here’s pretty much everyone one making fun of this guy for being a complete moron:

Mattman19841   Jerimy C