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Watch as Antifa cheers Hitler!

Are you afraid yet, fascist?

The progressive socialists are out holding another one of their stupid “resist” protests as a troll who deserves a whole case of beer gives them some socialist/communist quotes (Note: One thing I should point out is that I didn’t verify the quotes – some of them may be from Lenin, Stalin, Goebbels, or Himmler. Be sure to do some of your own research). Isn’t this just grand?

Honestly, it can be hard to tell when these guys are serious.





Are you afraid yet?

How Fast Can Social Justice Warriors Run?

Why do social justice retards think that some small tires or a couple of people can stop cars and trucks? Why do they think that it’s OK to randomly block Interstates? Do they realize how much momentum a 2500kg truck has at 100 km/h? Do they think that cars can instantly stop? What do they expect to happen when they start jumping on someone’s car?

It seems that this video has been removed by the social justice warriors  at YouTube. Oh well, here’s another one:

Feeling the Bern, part four

Good evening comrades, it’s time for another round of glorious pictorial propaganda to celebrate Citizen Senator Sanders. The fun never stops at Economic Illiterates for Bernie Sanders 2016. After Bernie is inaugurated next year he will usher in a new era of utopia not seen since the Great Depression. Total government spending will go up from approximately 35% of GDP to double or raise to even greater heights and fully snuff out the private sector. The conversion of the United States of America to the United Socialist States of America will be complete and the last vestiges of capitalism will be purged from society. We will truly live in a paradise. Forward!

This was produced by a genuine Bernie supporter! Isn’t it awesome?!

1937137_929600127129776_4986223959656059482_n  12615141_10156560450300374_5008849472153375364_o  12642523_10153233500536697_3320870184307534099_n  12642619_832889621115_7294484435066046573_n 12645135_10100444061444500_3388434319001976585_n  12670467_801234513315282_9049662932458246594_n 12670861_10153834128726425_4139315390278930385_n  12688281_10154126213763974_3603856737662163217_n 12705196_10154126214873974_5295509747422146737_n    Sanders-Cult  12670455_10207022002221521_1505578538064992712_n  12650794_10154126215273974_6619917434256219766_n  12651178_803914566380610_6190667262808849389_n 

For anyone who’s curious to the background behind the following photo: Washington Free Beacon-Bernie Sanders Condemns Existence of 23 Different Brands of Deodorant While Children Go Hungry


12670104_802806636491403_6227201768770297003_n12654314_1106730059347261_47000619306462022_n  12661983_10156720683495314_8491219007494682140_n

Are you feeling the Bern? Why not start with the U.S. Constitution?!


As always, don’t be scared to share all of the media material that I have amassed here.

Are you feeling the Bern?

Feel the Bern, part Duo!

Feel the Bern, part three

Happy birthday, dear Comrade Lenin!

Haven’t you heard comrade, today is a wonderful and glorious day. On this day in 1870, Vladimir Lenin was born. Indeed, Premier Khrushchev chose well when he made April 22 a national holiday in the Soviet Union. It’s also Earth Day, another fine holiday in which to show your loyalty to the collective, support the Communist Party and revolution (nature before profits comrade), and celebrate all of the accurate and precise predictions that fellow environmentalists such as Kommissar Holdren have come up with.

dearleader2 dearleader1 dearleader

I’ve posted up plenty of progressive truth and artwork in this post, and will continue to spread the collective truth. Make sure to share all that you can with your friends so that they too can learn and understand how to defend the Party and protect Mother Earth. Enjoy!

34119 EarthDay_Envorinmental_Scares EarthDay_NYT_frontPage MEDAL_Certificate Capitol_Pelosi_Kulak_Rally

Fellow members of the Proletariat, ensure that you prostrate yourself before the old growth and atone for the crime of existing…

Progressives and their undying hatred of the Koch brothers

One of the many things that I’ve read about recently (constantly) on progressive websites is how the Koch brothers are doing things like: buying politicians, donating more money than anyone else, destroying the Earth, push propaganda, and just like doing generally evil things. Like some of the tolerant progressives I’ve talked with you’ll ask for them to be thrown in jail (though they’ve been convicted of nothing) or even demand their painful, agonizing death in a pot of boiling water. Those who seem to disapprove of (or hate) the Koch brothers will use cartoons such as the following:

Kochtopus Koch Brothers aka Kochsucker Koch-Brothers-2

If you’re the folks at the Blue Nation Review, you’ll make the unfounded claim that the Koch brothers have spent the most to pollute our environment. Here’s a sampling of the discussions I’ve had with progressives on Blue Nation Review’s Facebook page:

The beginning…


“Hours” of studying and discussion…


It’s not the money that matters, just what they believe in…


Calling for the brutal execution of the Koch brothers, no less on the same page that’s decrying Utah for going to a quick and painless death by firing squad for convicted murderers.


Before I post up some pictures with opposing views, let’s take a good look at the claims progressives are making. During the 2014 election cycle, the Koch brothers donated about $14 million. They were not the biggest donors though. The Koch brothers were beat out by Tom Steyer ($74 million) and Michael Bloomberg ($28 million). If we take a look at the top  organizations that donated for the 2014 election, they all went overwhelmingly to the Democratic Party. I think it’s pretty clear that the Democratic Party won out in raising money last election, even though it didn’t help them out much. Any claims that the Koch brothers donated the most are simply unfounded. Even if they were, it’s very clear that plenty of progressives/socialists/communists are donating a lot of cash.

It’s always funny when progressives castigate the Koch brothers for destroying the planet or some silly nonsense. Have all of the progressive environmentalists given up their cars? Even if they don’t use a gasoline/diesel powered car, it’s probably charged by electricity from fossil fuels, uses several toxic elements in battery cells that don’t have high storage capacity/energy density (unless you pay $10,000 extra for hundreds of pounds of extra cells), and don’t last past a few thousand deep cycles . Perhaps they all use dirt roads that use no petroleum products? Forty percent of U.S. electricity is generated by coal, do progressives still use electricity? Almost all plastics are made from petrochemicals, perhaps they aren’t using any of those either? I suppose if that if progressives stop using plastics they couldn’t denounce capitalism on Facebook and Twitter with their IPhones.

If we take a look at Tom Steyer, it becomes apparent that he made money off of the coal industry. He’s also claiming to be an environmentalist now. If you’re a progressive though, you’ll claim that Tom Steyer isn’t a hypocrite because Republicans are criticizing him and that he’s divested from coal. Farallon Capital Management, the hedge fund founded by Tom Steyer, is still involved in coal mining and Steyer is still a passive investor. I suppose that Mr. Steyer was such an environmentalist, he just kept pushing coal projects in Indonesia and Australia until it would make him look like a hypocrite. I guess that as long as Mr. Steyer is giving money, progressives don’t generally care right? Only those evil RethugliKKKans and selfish Losertarians shouldn’t give money. That’s the impression I got from the progressives who commented on the Blue Nation Review Facebook page anyway. Concerning “environmental destruction”, I don’t see how they’re doing anything special.

Below are some pictures opposing what the progressives seem to believe in:

Unions are people, but corporations aren’t?!


But, but progressives also give money. It’s also interesting how the progressive posters and pictures say democracy when republic would be more accurate. I’m just nitpicking I suppose.


If progressives want to continue their hatred and death threats for the Koch brothers, I’ll just sit back and laugh. If nothing else the Facebook conversations with progressives will bring plenty of joy and laughter to my soul. And for all of the idiot middle class socialists, occutards, and other borjouis elements who think that they’re part of the proletariat, I have a good picture for you below. Such individuals may not know much about the NKVD, Stalin’s Purges, the Great Leap Forward, or the Cultural Revolution, but they will suffer the same fate if they get what the revolution they so desire.


Dignity, Fifty Shades of Government, Good News, and 80%

Here are some more photos with which to re-educate yourself and prove to your selfish Losertarian and evil KKKonservative friends why they’re wrong and contributing to the evil Koch brothers’ conspiracy. As always, these pictures will be full of some awesome groupthink. Enjoy!

Surrender your dignity for the greater good comrade. The only thing that matters in life is free stuff.


Just sit there and take what’s coming your way…


How do you like your news?


Remember, if you can see the Hamas bumper sticker you’re about to enter the afterlife. Don’t forget to support the savage! They desire death as you desire life.

HamasBumperStickers--Hamas-Side-Story-PoliticalXray-03a-600x207 Bumper_Sticker_Hamas_Blow_Twitter Palestinian_Ads_Suicidals 2kad4e5133fc


Wall Street Occupation, liberal tolerance and low information voters

Who else didn’t watch the State of the Union Address? Don’t bother lying, I know that most of you didn’t in spite of how many leftists say it was a great oration and “sucked all of the air” out of the room. More on that later, for now though I’ll be focusing on the “Occupy” movement and the concept of liberal tolerance and acceptance of others’ viewpoints. Enjoy!

This is the manual every “occupier” should study and take to heart. Whether it’s about demanding “free” stuff, demanding money, or asking for some deodorant this handy reference has all the information your Occupy camp could ever desire. Buy now for the low, low price of $19.95! Don’t forget to add The Progressive Bible Lite to your order for 50% off. Supplies are limited, order now!

Wall Street Occupation For Dunnies Progressive Bible Obama 500

Smash the evil capitalist system, then we can all live in a workers’ paradise like Cubans do. Hammer and sickle your path to serfdom, er I mean true liberty and freedom from the ruling class.

Union Fist Poster Poster Save Economy Pay Tax filth-fury-tpc occupussy-01-tpc Liberate_Wall_Street_600

Low information voting goes hand in hand with the “Occupy” movement. Rape also goes along with the Occupy movement, though since not committed by the “the campus’s resident conservative” or the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity feminists and much of the media had little to say. I think I found some good bumper stickers for low information voters. What do you think?

Low_Information_Voter_Thoughts Obamacare voted-for-change-peoples-cube bumpersticker1

It’s the deal of the century, buy 100 Hillary bumper stickers for the infinitesimally small price of $1000! Your Hillary supporting low information voter will surely love these stickers (and cough up the dough). They’re going fast though, so buy now!


Now it’s time for a good dose of leftist tolerance. As we all know, leftists most definitely respect the opinions of others. If you disagree, you’re committing thoughcrime. Now stop it and believe what you’re told serf.

tumblr_n1f02z1DOv1rn1831o1_500 thoughtcrime Stalin_Guilty_Thoughtcrime