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Installation of the ARB RD-146 Air Locker

So many things to type up about, so little time. Today, I’m just going to post up about the ARB RD-146 air locking differential that was just installed in the Toyota 10.5″ rear axle of my Tundra. This axle is incredibly strong and better than any custom build Ford 9″ or Dana 60 that Tacoma owners sometimes install on their trucks. The ARB differential case alone weights about 58 pounds and is much more substantial than the already massive stock case. It’s also a four-pinion design instead of a two-pinion. The ARB RD-146 is simply an engineering marvel.

Stock differential case
Stock differential case
Here's the ARB
Here’s the ARB

I went with the compact compressor ARB offers (CKSA12) due to the space that the twin compressor would take up. The compressor is mounted in the driver side frame rail with the suction tube and filter up in the engine bay next to the brake booster and master cylinder. The compressor and air locker actuation switches were mounted in stock blank locations and are connected directly to the battery through a fuse for circuit protection. Counting the work for installing the compressor and switches the total install time was about 12 hours. The equipment was installed by Speed Freek (A.K.A. Jason) of Vista, CA. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in San Diego or Orange counties. You can watch him perform the equipment installation or drop it off and ask as many questions (and take pictures) to your heart’s content. There are a lot of bad shops out there but this is a man that you can trust to put the necessary time in to ensure the job is done right or in very limited circumstances (re-gearing a clamshell or electrical work on European vehicles), admit to what he cannot do.

As always, enjoy the photos and share with your friends!

Checking the backlash before moving forward.

DSCF6911    DSCF6917    DSCF6918    DSCF6919  DSCF6922    DSCF6924    DSCF6929    DSCF6933

Setting the backlash with the ring and pinion on the ARB to 0.0075″, just like before.

DSCF6935    DSCF6936    DSCF6939    DSCF6942 DSCF6943    DSCF6944    DSCF6945    DSCF6946 DSCF6949   DSCF6950    DSCF6954    DSCF6958 DSCF6960    DSCF6964    DSCF6965    DSCF6967

Not actually related to the differential installation, but still pretty useful.
Not actually related to the differential installation, but still pretty useful.