Come meet Mattel’s newest product, Asian-American Doll!

Mattel Inc. recently spent an extravagant amount of money on countless focus groups and sensitivity meetings to finally bring the customer a doll that won’t offend anyone whatsoever, the Asian-American Doll. Mattel expended quite a sum of money and effort to ensure that your daughter (or son if he’s into that) won’t find anything that hurts their feelings or reinforces any stereotypes but, much more importantly social justice warriors (SJW) won’t find any reason to get offended either. For as we all know, if anyone’s going to be offended it will be a leftist and they will sue and protest against until all opposition is silenced. Hell, even in films for adults the only people you can insult, poke fun at, or cast a bad light on in any way are Nazis. Even that last group may not be fair game for much longer, maybe liberals will start claiming we’re hurting their feelings too.

In any case, Mattel made sure that there’s nothing about Asian-American Doll that could offend anyone in any way whatsoever. If you don’t believe me, just watch the commercial and you too will see just how racially neutral and completely generic Asian American Doll is. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Come meet Mattel’s newest product, Asian-American Doll!”

  1. This is the funniest video I’ve ever seen in my life. OK, I always say that, but still.

    I’m a white guy who married an unimaginably gorgeous third-generation Japanese American girl, and helped her raise our two “Hapa” kids.

    Thing is, my wife doesn’t think the term “Asian” is accurate at all. It kind of bugs her. Reminds her of an elephant, too, she says. Asian elephants are fat. She’s not fat, but elephants are. That’s too close for comfort. I’m sure you understand.

    Plus… “Japan is NOT part of Asia.”

    Yes, Dear. It’s part of the Hawaiian chain if my geography serves me at all.

    Of course my daughter, years ago, picked up the notion that “Oriental” is a pejorative term that applies to rugs. That was back when they switched words on me.

    “Oriental is a rug, Dad!”

    Yes, Dear.

    There’s delicate maneuvering to be done, and I’m dedicated to it, much as anyone who’d survive this genetic and moral misadventure of white maleness.

    In the immortal words of the rapper whose girlfriend ate the whole bag of shrooms…

    I’m sorry!!!

    Yes I am. Sorry for being a white guy, we’ll say. By the way, don’t mention “yellow” as a skin color.

    Truth is, I never would have come up with “yellow” to describe anyone’s skin, except maybe a cirrhotic’s – if he or she was not remotely Asian – by even marriage or adoption, let’s be clear.

    (FYI, an Asian with terminal cirrhosis looks jaundiced, not yellow. A little PC help from a white friend. No charge.)

    Still, the whole “red and yellow, black and white” thing is ingrained after all these decades of singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” So naturally I slip up and mention the “y” word from time to time…

    “What’s going on in that fiendish yellow mind, Darlin’?”

    Kidding! Hey, I said I was sorry, didn’t I?

    And for the record, I’m better at using chopsticks than my wife. That makes up for a multitude of shortcomings in my tiny white-male mind.

    Great video. Thank you! I’m going to listen to it again right now! I love anti-PC videos.

    All My Best,

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I’ll be sure to link and upload more anti-PC vidoes as time goes on. It’s always liberals and the PC crowd that seems to dwell and focus on racism more than anyone else in society. My father was born in Mexico while my mother has ancestry going straight back to Germany. Any time I ask a leftist questions like: am I white, when does one receive white privlige, what’s the demarcation point for being white, what’s the required skin tone etc. I just gold told I’m asking the wrong questions, ignored, get called a coconut (or something similar), and can never get a straight answer. It’s even more funny how they think the know how my life has gone just because my father was born in Mexico. Really, the arrogance is astonishing and quite laughable.

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