I’ve never understood the fascination…

Why do people like Fifty Shades of Grey again? What’s so good about horribly written fan-fiction based upon an old woman’s fantasy about dating a vampire? Let’s ask some experts and take a look at some of the horrible lines from the movie and/or book:

Here are some movie critic thoughts I glanced at from Rotten Tomatoes:

failight1 failight2 failight3

Here are some thoughts from regular people:


Idiots like this are why that no talent hack E.L. James is able to make money:


I’m trying not to laugh to hard at how this idea of “Mommy Porn” is being presented. I’m sure that there’s much better erotica and porn out there, but if someone wants to waste their money…

3 thoughts on “I’ve never understood the fascination…”

  1. I honestly want to say that a healthy criticism is always good. But what you’re doing is not criticism, it’s downgrading. It is not intellectual to call a well-respected writer absurd and unnecessary names. Sometimes, we need to check if we’re already crossing some imaginary line, which might offend not only one person.
    Happy criticizing! 🙂


    1. I offend plenty of people; they’ll get over it or they won’t. “Well-respected” are not words I would use to describe E.L. James. Michael Bay makes money off of the Transformers franchise though this doesn’t make him a good director or producer.


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