Jacoby Canyon

Jacoby Canyon is a moderate trail northeast of Big Bear Lake. The Forest Road designation is 2N61. It can be reached from CA-18 on the east side or from 3N16 on the western side. I hit the trail from the eastern end. My big Tundra with only 32″ tires was able to fit and get through relatively unscathed. I didn’t even need to use that awesome ARB locker I installed in the rear axle. Any truck or 4×4 with some ground clearance and a decent tire should make it through. Going slow also helps. Enjoy!


jacoby   jacoby1


3 thoughts on “Jacoby Canyon”

  1. The Tundra is awesome off-road. A little big for some trails, but its really capable. My biggest critique of any full-size truck off-road is the break-over and departure angles. Unless you upsize the tires and install a lift the break-over angle can get you stuck pretty quick. I am surprised given your photos that it didn’t cause any problems with your rig. Are you planning to upsize tires any time soon or do you plan to stick with the 32s.


    1. Apologies for the delayed reply. I want to get some more use out of the current tires first since they only have 10,000 miles on them. I’m not sure where I want to go with this truck either so I’ll leave it mostly stock for now. Jacoby Canyon actually wasn’t too difficult; the Fox coilovers gave me just enough clearance to slowly get through the obstacles. I did get a small dent on the driver side door though, so the truck wasn’t completely unscathed. I do want to get 17″ TRD wheels and 285/70R17 or 285/75R17 tires as well.
      I wanted full-size because I wanted strong drivetrain components and strong V-8. Perhaps one day I’ll get something more nimble.


      1. All good reasons to look at full size. Weight and size aside the Tundra is seriously good off-road. New wheels and tires won’t hurt. Sounds like you are planning to move up to 33-inch tires, that’s what I’d like to put on my Jeep before too late into Spring. I look forward to reading about your adventures. Hope a plunger can pull that door ding out.


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