Table Mountain

The Table Mountain area doesn’t have any hardcore rock-crawling. As long as your truck has decent ground clearance and you can pick a good line you will make it through the area. My nearly stock Tacoma made it through. A locking rear differential or a little lift in the front would have helped out greatly though. The Table Mountain network of trails in of themselves don’t extend to other roads unless you count some footpaths. The network of trails lead to some amazing views, though it can be hard to tell if you’re on a legitimate trail or not. A lot of the paths in the area are closed but aren’t  marked very well.   There’s not really any way to get lost in the Table Mountain area, just drive back the way you came once you hit a dead end or random fork with a camping spot. The trail was pretty empty the day I went, the only vehicle I passed was a first-generation Tundra. No one on dirt bikes or ATV’s to get into close calls with here.

To reach the Table Mountain area: drive along I-8 and exit at the In-Ko-Pah Road exit, head west along U.S.-80 and turn right onto a dirt road near the brake-check station. Enjoy the photos and find the rest of them here!

DSCF6007 DSCF6006 DSCF5943 DSCF5931 DSCF5934

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