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Today’s show trial is courtesy of Budweiser!

Greetings comrades, I’ve come to bring more news of current transgressions against the Party’s righteous agenda, this time from Anheuser-Busch InBev. The wretched cretins at this company have come up with a slogan that defames women, reinforces the Patriarchy©, promotes Rape Culture™, and is generally insidious. This particular tagline for the #UpForWhatever campaign reads: “The perfect beer for removing “no” from your vocabulary for the night.What were the wretched fiends who made these slogans thinking? Why aren’t they thinking about rape as much as feminists? Why aren’t they in line with the current truth about Rape Culture™?


It doesn’t matter how many people actually do use beer to lower their inhibitions before sex, or for many other activities in general. It doesn’t matter that rape isn’t mentioned or any specific activity for that matter. The word no is also in feminist “No means no” campaigns, thus the connotation with rape and Rape Culture™ is established. No further evidence is necessary. It doesn’t even matter if the evidence used to support the idea of Rape Culture can be proven false, due to the glory of unductive logic the evidence must be false if the narrative is true and korrect. Never forget comrades, in accordance with current doctrine on Rape Culture™ and as evidenced by Emma Watson’s HeForMe campaign only men rape and are responsible for all rape.

This man is not a simp, but rather a valiant warrior fighting against the Patriarchy.

heforme2 heforme1

Understandably, Anheuser-Busch InBev has pulled this marketing slogan. In a recent statement, Alexander Lambrecht, Vice-President for Bud Light of Anheuser-Busch, said, “It’s clear that this message missed the mark, and we regret it. We would never condone disrespectful or irresponsible behavior.” This is clearly not enough to assuage any guilt, much more must be done to show faith and penance to the Party. Monetary donations are in order, large donations. Possible recipients for any Capitalist Exploitation Units would be: Emma Watson’s (worth US $60 million) HeForMe campaign, the Clinton Foundation, and/or Al Gore’s carbon footprint.

Some wretched men may have the gall to state that sometimes men are also raped and that plenty of women rape men and children too. Many of those evil RethugliKKKans and Losertarians may even state that people should defend themselves rather than teaching only men not to rape. It is against the current Truth to read any reports or research that show most rapes are committed by a small number of repeat offenders. Once all men are taught not to rape, the Rape Culture™ and Patriarchy© that feeds off of it will finally die off. Comrades, any who read stories of women raping men, children, or other women will be sent to the Gulag tolerance camp. For anyone who needs further guidance on how to debate and reason with those evil non-feminists, here are some lessons from Kommissar Big Red:

Here are some arguments from typical RethugliKKKans, Losertarians, misogynists, incest supporters, rape apologists, and other miscellaneous Neanderthals . They are not to be viewed except through approved Party channels that will only deride the content and take any and all statements out of context.

As always, post up any government censored and Party approved comments below.

Thoughts on the vacuous Patricia Arquette

Who else didn’t watch the Oscars? I’m sure that many people were excited to watch a bunch of rich people give each other awards and explain why they’re so great; some people just like that kind of stuff. As for the rest of us, we eventually heard about how there were some bad jokes at The Oscars along with a bunch of rich leftist actors acting as if they’ve studied the “causes” that they claim to champion. One of the best speeches to get a good laugh at was the very wealthy Patricia Arquette demanding the following of society: It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America. She’s so smart, she’s even calling for another amendment to the Constitution. I suppose that Arquette has never heard of the Equal Pay Act. Isn’t just touching to hear rich leftists decry inequality? It’s as great as hearing someone like Warren Buffett demand higher taxes when he could always just donate his money.

Let’s not forget that Patricia Aqruette received here award for that amazing film Boyhood. Who else has seen the Red Letter Media review for that amazing piece of cinema history? All of the great stars, like Lena Dunham praised Arquette for her speech. You know, the same Lena Dunham that makes up fake rape stories about being raped by a Republican just because it seemed like a good fit for her stupid book. Don’t forget, facts don’t matter with the rich, progressive leftist. Now to tear apart Patricia Arquette’s narrative about the gender wage gap.

You’ve probably heard numerous feminist/leftist/socialists mention something about women earning 77% of what men do in the United States. It turns out that when you do things like control for various factors such as: job occupation, time on the job, number of hours worked, and many other important details that leftists will just gloss over.  Perhaps if elementary school teachers weren’t 91% women they might get paid for a full year of work. If you’re a feminist such as the socialists at Salon though, doing more research into the topic isn’t important. Just scream racism, bigotry, misogyny and whatever other word you like to smear your opponent. Remember, if you don’t see things the way a leftist does your opinion can’t be tolerated by tolerant liberals. It’s OK for feminists to pretend to (or actually) hate men though.

You’ve probably had enough of me rambling on now, let’s get to the heart of the matter and see how much the gender wage gap holds up to scrutiny. Enjoy!

As always, facts are for losers. Just use some anecdotes, it’s even better than real evidence!

If you’re interested in hearing the intellectual giant that is Patrica Arquette, here’s the Oscar speech:

Here’s the backstage speech:

I just can’t get enough of the feminist version of “equality.” Can you?



Come meet Mattel’s newest product, Asian-American Doll!

Mattel Inc. recently spent an extravagant amount of money on countless focus groups and sensitivity meetings to finally bring the customer a doll that won’t offend anyone whatsoever, the Asian-American Doll. Mattel expended quite a sum of money and effort to ensure that your daughter (or son if he’s into that) won’t find anything that hurts their feelings or reinforces any stereotypes but, much more importantly social justice warriors (SJW) won’t find any reason to get offended either. For as we all know, if anyone’s going to be offended it will be a leftist and they will sue and protest against until all opposition is silenced. Hell, even in films for adults the only people you can insult, poke fun at, or cast a bad light on in any way are Nazis. Even that last group may not be fair game for much longer, maybe liberals will start claiming we’re hurting their feelings too.

In any case, Mattel made sure that there’s nothing about Asian-American Doll that could offend anyone in any way whatsoever. If you don’t believe me, just watch the commercial and you too will see just how racially neutral and completely generic Asian American Doll is. Enjoy!

Keynesians, fantasies, Liberal Logic, race baiting, and Star Trek VS Star Wars

I’ll be writing more real posts soon but for now I’ll just leave these here for your enjoyment…



kill-Taliban Anarchy


I’m posting this because of how awful the last three Star Wars movies were. George Lucas just doesn’t do well when no one’s able to question him.