The Gas Dome

I went through a series of trails in the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) this last Saturday with some other Tacoma owners. The Ocotillo Wells SVRA is just west of the Salton Sea and is easily accessible by either CA-78, CA-86, or S-22. There are towering sand dunes, numerous geological formations, easy trails, hard trails, and a lot of open space to either methodically crawl or quickly speed through. We passed through the Shell Reef Expressway, Pole Line Road, and the Gas Dome among other places. I’ll post up about other trails soon, but for this one I’ll have mostly just photos from the Gas Dome up.

There are many graded gravel roads that can be used to reach the Gas Dome, just as many more difficult routes may be taken. The Gas Dome is one of the few areas of the Ocotillo Wells SVRA that is partially blocked off to prevent damage to the features of the area. The Gas Dome is near Pole Line Road and trail signs are abundant, so it is relatively easy to find. The Ranger Station has many maps of the Ocotillo Wells SVRA and is a good first place to check out if you’ve never been to the area. Enough of my babbling though, here’s a link to the photos with a few teasers posted below. Enjoy!

DSCF5855 DSCF5860 DSCF5862

A fine explanation for what is happening in the surrounding area.
A fine explanation for what is happening in the surrounding area.

Bonus pictures! Here are some of the other trucks that I went out with.

DSCF5836 DSCF5866 DSCF5848

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