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Look at all that President Obama has accomplished

Good evening comrades, today’s post will go over all the wonderful deeds and accomplishments that President Obama has achieved for the United Socialist States of America. Our current piece of pictorial propaganda comes from the fine folks at Occupy Communists Democrats:


When looking at the Unemployment rate, please don’t take into account that the Labor Force Participation Rate has also dropped. Like all good Party members, the folks at Occupy Communists don’t properly represent the data (or cite their sources). Taking a quick look at some Bureau of Labor Statistics data puts some insight into how the Unemployment Rate has dropped.

Take note of the constant downward trend during all of President Obama’s tenure.

I selelected the years of 2000-2015 from the BLS to generate the graph; you can adjust the years as you see fit. SeriesReport-20151122232319_878ef9

I thought that proud progressive like the ones at Time Magazine claimed that President Obama had nothing to do with gasoline prices and oil imports? But of course, those evil oil companies drilling for oil in the U.S. must be because President Obama demanded it. Didn’t Obama Administration officials want gas prices to go up to $10 per gallon like it is in Europe to force proles citizens to give up their cars? I also thought that President Obama recently rejected the Keystone XL pipeline citing “national interest” as his reasoning? I guess that we’ll keep using trains and oil tankers to import oil that we are using from Canada. Makes total sense and is much safer than using a pipeline…

s-1 c-1

Never forget comrades, Dear Leader has nothing to do with gas prices unless they are cheap...
Never forget comrades, Dear Leader has nothing to do with gas prices unless they are cheap…

The teen pregnancy statistic is really interesting and insightful. President Obama is most certainly responsible for ensuring that teenagers have less sex and/or use birth control more often. Don’t look at the Health and Human Services Department’s description of the data though:

In 2013, there were 26.5 births for every 1,000 adolescent females ages 15-19, or 273,105 babies born to females in this age group.[1] Nearly eighty-nine percent of these births occurred outside of marriage.[1] The 2013 teen birth rate indicates a  decline of ten percent from 2012 when the birth rate was 29.4 per 1,000.[1] The teen birth rate has declined almost continuously over the past 20 years. In 1991, the U.S. teen birth rate was 61.8 births for every 1,000 adolescent females, compared with 26.5 births for every 1,000 adolescent females in 2013. Still, the U.S. teen birth rate is higher than that of many other developed countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom.[2]” (emphasis added)

I guess that President Obama is responsible for a twenty year trend?!

If you look down the article a little further you see that it’s Southern states that have the highest teen pregnancy rates. But before comrades use this as evidence that the dumb, gun and religion clinging, xenophobic, KKKonservatives and Rethuglicans are hypocrites let’s take a look at some state data. In this case, I’ll use Texas.

Let's accuse the racist white folks of hypocrisy without looking at the data...
Let’s accuse the racist white folks of hypocrisy without looking at the data more closely…

Of all teen pregnancies in Texas, only 21% are from Non-Hispanic, White mothers. I know that I don’t have to look this statistic up, but more than 21% of Texas is made up of those evil white people.

We can still blame whitey for this…


The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action surely is a great diplomatic achievement courtesy of John Kerry. Just as Iran honored the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty they will also another piece of paper in which provisions expire after ten to fifteen years anyway. Do not look at how Iran’s Uranium stockpile continues to grow. You should also ignore how Iran is testing ICBM’s in violation of a U.N. treaty that they are already party to. To quote Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan, Iran’s Defense Minister:

To follow our defense programs, we don’t ask permission from anyone,

I think that such language is pretty clear, but when you’re a proud progressive words mean whatever you want them to. I suppose that all of those “Death to America” chants are also just meant for domestic consumption and have no real meaning.

The GDP growth only goes over a single quarter of the Obama Administration and ignore all the others. It’s amazing what you can do with numbers when you ignore all the ones that are inconvenient. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis U.S. GDP growth has been low or negative for many quarters during President Obama’s tenure, but reading that data is thoughtcrimeAny reports that Obama Administration GDP growth estimates have been way too high are also completely and totally false. Flag your own lying eyes. It’s amazing what you can do with some Common Core math.

goodgrowth GDP

Concerning the Dow Jones Industrial Average, since when did followers of the Church of Socialism want the wretched “1%” and big corporations to make a bunch of money? I mean the Dow Jones represents just 30 of those evil and large corporations and not the “working class” right? I suppose that the Federal Reserve using trillions in quantitative easing to inflate the economy counts as real growth right? What the Federal Reserve is doing is totally different from what Zimbabwe did to itself. It’s really interesting to look at Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Reports to get an idea of whether there has been real economic growth or not.

selectrate balancesheet compensation

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Feel the Bern, part three

Good evening comrades, it’s time to post more Party information and Truth on why Kommissar Bernie Sanders would be a great President of the coming United Socialist States of America (U.S.S.A). I will use many fine pieces of pictorial propaganda explain why Sanders is a fine Communist, I mean Democratic Party candidate. The wonderful folks at Economic Illiterates for Bernie Sanders 2016 have produced and Photoshopped many fine pictures and photographs. If you have a chance, you should pay patronage to their fine page. Let’s not dawdle any longer though, it’s time to see what you’ve been patiently awaiting. Enjoy!



Are you ready for the Socialist version of charity?




I’ve been told by proud Party members that Bernie Sanders and his campaign don’t sell T-shirts…


Those Party members are true comrades who either aren’t able to use search engines, or willfully deny the Kurrent Truth for the Greater Good.
Is Communist Man Bernie’s favorite hero?
Or is it perhaps, glorious Comrade Stalin?
Are you ready for more Hope and Change comrade?
Are you ready for the Socialist version of charity?
Are you ready to time travel to the era that Cuba is in?
Are you ready for the Socialist version of charity?


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European socialism and automotive expertise

Progressives just love to talk about how socialism in the Nordic countries is successful and seem to like the policies enforced in Continental Europe. But when the government gives out something for free, is it really free? Did countries like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark create a classless utopia and Worker’s Paradise? Let’s look at some data compiled by an individual who came from Denmark and has firsthand experience from Democratic-Socialism which is supposedly different than Socialism. It’s amazing that progressives will claim that Socialism is different from Democratic-Socialism.


Here’s a sampling of the work from Manipulism by Mikkel Clair Nissen.

10431493_584181431727781_7347174151346905819_n 10704327_571400949672496_697046755318219909_o 11218234_736740473138542_1122201651430835465_o 10669007_735831993229390_2320416606927235447_o

Socialism is working out so well for many countries of the E.U! The European Union is/has been just full of communists.

11755641_1063670126993989_6935703190490921909_n 11731595_1061510947209907_7141279984784540202_o

Remember when progressives worldwide were hailing the election of communists in Greece? I’ll write more soon on the continuing Greek tragedy in coming posts.


And to close out this post, some fine automotive advice from a budding young technician.


How was your May Day comrade?

Greetings fellow comrades and toiling intellectuals, how did you May Day celebrations go? Did your International Workers’ Day celebrations include arson re-decorating, rioting peaceful protest, and looting the redistribution of property like May Day celebrations in Oakland? Did you convince shop owners, businessmen, and neo-Kulaks to stop making so much profit and be more generous to the proletariat? Are you concerned enough about the revolution and devoted to the Party like so many in Seattle? Many of our revolutionary brothers were courageous enough to take the fight to the enemy and pelt officers of the Seattle Police Department with rocks, sticks, and wrenches thus dealing many stinging blows. Are you dedicated comrade?

A valiant Hero of Socialist Labor, a true People's Hero liberating property from the bourgeois elements.
A valiant Hero of Socialist Labor, a true People’s Hero liberating property from the bourgeois elements.
Look at the good work our fellow revolutionaries in Seattle are performing. Surely, many jobs will be created from all the smashed windows and other damaged property.
Look at the good work our fellow revolutionaries in Seattle are performing. Surely, many jobs will be created from all the smashed windows and other damaged property.
Typical, unwarranted  police oppression against our fellow comrades.
Typical, unwarranted police oppression against our fellow comrades.

There were also many proles picketing for higher wages and change in a much less deliberate fashion. Many of them were decrying that people working at low-level retail and food-service jobs aren’t earning $15/hr while CEO’s (greedy bastards) are earning much larger sums of money. Other members of the proletariat were protesting against capitalism and making progress in general. The individuals who engaged in such activities are moving in the right direction, but are simply not dedicated enough. Their weak liberalism and soft communism may have to be cured with strong communism. Once the revolution is complete, a purge may be required to find those who are not dedicated enough.

Look, even Jesus demands that a $15/hr minimum wage be instituted!
Look, even Jesus demands that a $15/hr minimum wage be instituted!
Minimizing profit generation is a good start, but these comrades are not dedicated enough to the cause.
Minimizing profit generation is a good start, but these comrades are not dedicated enough to the cause.

Over in the Workers’ Paradise of Cuba, Dear Leader President Maduro and the Anointed One President Raul Castro celebrated the Party and revolution. Many thousands of loyal Party members marched in support of President Castro. Indeed, the May Day rally in Havana was a beautiful sight to behold. The head of the Cuban Workers’ Union vowed to oppose all destabilizing actions and any other activities that would violate Constitutional order. Indeed, any reports of sky-rocketing inflation, high default risks, a lack of basic goods, and oppression by the People’s Government in Venezuela are patently false and made up by Western, capitalist pigs.

Just look at these glorious Communist leaders. Raul Castro is looking especially vigorous.
Just look at these glorious Communist leaders. Raul Castro is looking especially vigorous.
Look at how happy these proles and future soldiers in the People's Army are!
Look at how happy these proles and future soldiers in the People’s Army are!

For those of you living in oppressive, imperialist, and capitalist countries still, don’t get to despondent. The glorious purge revolution will come soon enough. Try not to be too uppity if your family, friends and neighbors aren’t ready to join you in the glorious revolution. For anyone who needs some consolation and advice for those post May Day blues, report to the People’s Cube for re-education. Remember comrades, don’t forget to post any comments you may have. As always, ensure that you don’t commit any thoughcrime or act like a Kulak in need of liquidation.

The best banner of them all...
The best banner of them all…

Today’s show trial is courtesy of Budweiser!

Greetings comrades, I’ve come to bring more news of current transgressions against the Party’s righteous agenda, this time from Anheuser-Busch InBev. The wretched cretins at this company have come up with a slogan that defames women, reinforces the Patriarchy©, promotes Rape Culture™, and is generally insidious. This particular tagline for the #UpForWhatever campaign reads: “The perfect beer for removing “no” from your vocabulary for the night.What were the wretched fiends who made these slogans thinking? Why aren’t they thinking about rape as much as feminists? Why aren’t they in line with the current truth about Rape Culture™?


It doesn’t matter how many people actually do use beer to lower their inhibitions before sex, or for many other activities in general. It doesn’t matter that rape isn’t mentioned or any specific activity for that matter. The word no is also in feminist “No means no” campaigns, thus the connotation with rape and Rape Culture™ is established. No further evidence is necessary. It doesn’t even matter if the evidence used to support the idea of Rape Culture can be proven false, due to the glory of unductive logic the evidence must be false if the narrative is true and korrect. Never forget comrades, in accordance with current doctrine on Rape Culture™ and as evidenced by Emma Watson’s HeForMe campaign only men rape and are responsible for all rape.

This man is not a simp, but rather a valiant warrior fighting against the Patriarchy.

heforme2 heforme1

Understandably, Anheuser-Busch InBev has pulled this marketing slogan. In a recent statement, Alexander Lambrecht, Vice-President for Bud Light of Anheuser-Busch, said, “It’s clear that this message missed the mark, and we regret it. We would never condone disrespectful or irresponsible behavior.” This is clearly not enough to assuage any guilt, much more must be done to show faith and penance to the Party. Monetary donations are in order, large donations. Possible recipients for any Capitalist Exploitation Units would be: Emma Watson’s (worth US $60 million) HeForMe campaign, the Clinton Foundation, and/or Al Gore’s carbon footprint.

Some wretched men may have the gall to state that sometimes men are also raped and that plenty of women rape men and children too. Many of those evil RethugliKKKans and Losertarians may even state that people should defend themselves rather than teaching only men not to rape. It is against the current Truth to read any reports or research that show most rapes are committed by a small number of repeat offenders. Once all men are taught not to rape, the Rape Culture™ and Patriarchy© that feeds off of it will finally die off. Comrades, any who read stories of women raping men, children, or other women will be sent to the Gulag tolerance camp. For anyone who needs further guidance on how to debate and reason with those evil non-feminists, here are some lessons from Kommissar Big Red:

Here are some arguments from typical RethugliKKKans, Losertarians, misogynists, incest supporters, rape apologists, and other miscellaneous Neanderthals . They are not to be viewed except through approved Party channels that will only deride the content and take any and all statements out of context.

As always, post up any government censored and Party approved comments below.

The Greeks and delusions of WWII reparations

I’ve typed up about the Greeks and their fiscal woes a little bit, but the Greek socialists must be getting really desperate now. The Greek government recently put a price tag on WWII reparations that they are demanding from the German government at 279 billion euros. Since this isn’t the first time countries have demanded a payout from Germany of war, perhaps the Greeks wouldn’t try it again. Besides, one would think that the Greeks would be demanding a payout from the Italians since they’re the ones who decided to attack Greece. Hitler and Germany were perfectly content with leaving the Greeks alone, but Il Duce just had to have Greece. But it’s not like the Italians have any money to pay up, and they would respond with a resounding no just like the Germans did to such an inane request.

Count Ciano’s arrival in Albania, 1939
Count Ciano’s arrival in Albania, 1939
The Julia Alpini Division on the march into battle
The Julia Alpini Division on the march into battle

If we’re being honest, how many countries in existence don’t have land taken from someone else? What land isn’t occupied land? Should reparations go all the way back to Cain and Abel? Who would get money for the Punic wars? I could bring up numerous wars and list the losers, but plenty of people have done that in the comments section of the Yahoo! News articles. Let’s take a look at some of them:

reparations reparations1 reparations2 reparations3

reparations4 reparations6

I mean really, why work to get money? Why spend less? Just make random demands for cash. Here are the specific stories for anyone who’s interested in getting some laughs out of the reparation demands:

Yahoo! News-Greece puts a figure on World War Two reparations from Germany

Yahoo! News-Germany dismisses Greek demand for billions in WWII reparations

Yahoo! News-Greek minister:Evidence for massive German war reparations

Union accident prevention posters

One of the more interesting people’s tools to spread the good word on Unions are some accident prevention posters that I found on the People’s Cube. Such posters are quite useful in convincing people that Unions are all about helping workers and not payouts for the leaders. As we all know, Unions are the epitome of virtue, justice, humility, and generosity. They would never resort to arson, killing “scabs”, or other intimidation tactics to “help” workers.

Here are some of the original Soviet accident prevention posters:

17943 17944

And here are some updated posters for today’s Union thug, er uh, hard worker:

17919 17920 17921 accident1 Poster_Accident_Join_Union_or_Else Poster_Accident_Tangled_In_Work Poster_Accident_Unionize_Hammer

Unions members, proudly showing their true colors and fighting for the little guy:

Thoughts on Illegal Immigration and the coming DHS “shutdown”

Some of you have heard of a coming “shutdown” of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). If your one of the socialists at say Salon, you’ll claim that Speaker Boehner is ignoring political reality and shutting down the DHS. In reality during the last so-called government shutdown over 200,000 out of 231,000 employees continued to work and non-essential employees were out of luck for a short time. Based upon the most recent oversight report issued by the Senate the DHS could stand to spend money more efficiently anyway. Many leftists will say that a DHS shutdown will be disastrous for Republicans, yet reality may say something different. Everyone’s totally going to remember that time part of the DHS shutdown for a short time in 2016. Why should local governments be so beholden to the Federal Government anyway?

   Do you guys remember just how poorly Republicans did in the last election? How would any of you reading this be affected? Are the borders suddenly going to be secure? Are any illegal immigrants going to be deported? Here are a few comments on the Yahoo! News article linked to in the previous sentence:

immigration immigration2

I suppose that myself and anyone else not interested in President Obama’s Amnesty is not patriotic and doesn’t care about border security. People wanted the President’s policies enacted so badly that Democrats lost nine seats in the Senate and thirteen in the House last election. I suppose that time will tell if the Republicans cave on this issue. If we’re lucky, courts will continue to side with the states on Amnesty. President Obama is continuing to enact his Amnesty in spite of the most recent court order though, I wonder how that will turn out? I really do wonder why progressives believe that the Senate minority party should dictate all legislation regarding spending?

One of the videos I’ve watched about immigration recently was put together by progressives and decries those who support any enforcement of border control. You know that the guys at Brave New Films must be worth watching if they’ve succumbed to Koch Derangement Syndrome.  Below is the video and my own critique of it for anyone who’s interested.

   This film ignores many facts. If the Federal Government actually enforced border security perhaps there would be fewer people to detain. A large portion of illegal immigrants never show up to court or ignore court orders.…/doj-lies-about…/…/illegal-immigrants-present……/mystery-of-the-missing… Most progressives desire amnesty even though it was already tried once in 1987. It was a complete and total failure since border security wasn’t taken seriously. At least when President Reagan signed his Executive Action into law he was enforcing the will of Congress which passed the Immigration and Control Act of 1986.…/no-reagan-did-not-offer-an…/ The current administration seems to be doing many things to encourage illegal immigration, stopping such activities might lower the number of people that try to get smuggled in the country. President Obama is actively ignoring current Immigration law contrary to his duty to “take Care that the Laws will be faithfully executed,”.…/the-obama-administration……/obama-demonstrates-why…

   It’s funny how the video states that Russell Pearce Pearce has “obscure ties to Neo-Nazi” groups. What does that mean? What source are they citing? Robert Bryd was a U.S. Democratic Senator of West Virginia until 2010. He was among other things, the Senate Majority leader for a time. He was also a KKK member and actively recruited people to join up with him. So much for the Democratic Party and progressives defending minorities. This video points towards how money has been spent on some conservative candidates, yet acts as if progressives have donated no money. Some simple research will show that leftists donate large amounts of money to their own causes. Plenty of rich liberals like George Soros and Tom Steyer donate money to their causes, ignoring this influence while decrying money spent by others is simply disingenuous.…/blue-billionaires-on-top…

   The video cites the story of a man who died in prison, are prison administrators or guards in government-run prisons not ever incompetent? Do people not die in such prisons for preventable reasons? I wonder if these people would protest against Mexican prison conditions or their treatment of illegal immigrants?…/mexicos-illegals…/……/mexican-military-police… Overall, this video is very simplistic and selective with its evidence. Hey, I’m all for border enforcement and sending some people back home so that fewer prisons are necessary for illegal immigrants.

Since progressives are good at pulling heartstrings I suppose that I can too. Do black lives matter to progressives, or is it just the votes? Here’s the case of Jamiel Shaw’s murder by a “dreamer” for you.

Read about the murder of Vanessa Pham by another illegal immigrant dreamer. Nothing bad ever happens when someone overstays their visa right?

Take a look at the death of Drew Rosenberg.

Grant Ronnebeck was murdered by an illegal immigrant, Apolinar Altamirano, after Apolinar was freed on bail.

Economic arguments with progressives

This may have been pointless, futile, and a waste of time, but I tried discussing economics with progressives. Also, on Facebook of all places. Obviously, nothing worthwhile came out of the discussions and I simply got called things like “STUPID TROLL” “ALEC dumbass”, RepubliKKKan, and the didn’t offer any real retort to my arguments. Remember, liberals care about anti-bullying campaigns, unless you disagree with them politically. If you’re a RepubliKKKan, KKKonservative, Losertarian, or other non-leftist your opinion doesn’t count. Just ignore the failure of: the former Soviet Union, nations of the former Warsaw Pact, Venezuela, Cuba (but just look at those high literacy rates), Zimbabwe, North Korea, Detroit, the National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany, Greece, and Spain.

If you’re a socialist like the people over at the Mother Jones magazine you’ll say things like “Kochtopia” and that “Kansas is screwed”. Don’t actually look at any economic performance data or the low unemployment rates. Don’t you dare actually read into how different states are doing. If you’re a liberal, you’ll ignore the economic performance of a state like Texas. You’ll also point out how Kansas had its credit rating downgraded while Illinois has had the same thing happen to it nine times. I didn’t realize that progressives cared about budget deficits or debt? Funny thing is, I thought that a city such as Detroit would fit that description better, but that must be the fault of capitalism right? Liberals had nothing to do with it at all.

jobgrowthclear graph- 05-PM

For anyone who’s interested in getting a good laugh out of my economic discussions with progressives, here you go. Always remember, just turn your brain off when you debate economics with leftists. You’ll lose too many brain cells otherwise.

A Cisco router or switch is a job now. Also, labor costs nothing.

economics economics1

Don’t actually look at the cost of living in a country, just isolate one single statistic to make your point. Don’t look at any economic performance data either.

economics2 ecnomics3

Detroit wasn’t run by liberals for the last fifty years apparently…

economics5 economics6

If you’re real lucky and doing very well, the leftist will wish for your imminent death. It’s also hilarious when they state that you hate people of a lower class and/or color even if you’ve mentioned nothing about race.

economics_1 economics_2 economics_3 economics_4 economics_5 economics_6


This exchange goes on even longer than I’ve posted up, but I think that you get the point.

Why can’t U.S. politicians be more like this?

Wouldn’t the Senate or House of Representatives be so much more interesting if they would just fight their differences out once in a while. When was the last time a fist-fight broke out in Congress? We’ve already seen what happens when Harry Reid gets into a fight with some exercise equipment so he would probably go down fast but perhaps others might have some interesting brawls. What fights would you want to see occur in Congress? Let’s take a look at how politicians act towards each other in the Ukrainian Parliament. Get the tables, chairs, and smoke bombs.

Who do you want to put in the dumpster?